Oh Sweet October Madness

I’m sure by now you might know that I am a baseball fan. Not a fanatic (I actually can’t name all the players in the infield – or the outfield – of the teams I follow). But not a casual fan either – if our teams are playing & if Fox Sports doesn’t screw us (strong, but accurate, language), we’re watching the games.

When Dr. M & I were first married we lived in a house owned by an orthdontia practice. We lived in two rooms on the top floor of the house & were responsible for mowing & cleaning. It was a sweet deal, although now I can’t really believe that we lived for a while basically in our bedroom (the other room we used for storage). We did have the use of the kitchen.

Anyway, the spring after we were married we watched a LOT of baseball in our one habitable room (that was the time when I completed that insanely large stained glass window jigsaw puzzle N gave us – I hold him personally responsible for any current twitchiness). Coindentally, that year (1991) our Atlanta Braves went from the worst team in baseball to the first team. I thought that was an auspicious beginning to our marriage. That was the beginning of a pretty successful run for the Braves. Fourteen consecutive division titles (we shall not mention the strike year). Going to the World Series five times and winning once. Those were halcyon days. 

However, for a number of years now we’ve watched our Braves not quite (or even not even close) get ‘er done. Year after year Dr. M & I have spend the post season just basically pulling for whoever could maybe beat the Yankees* or Boston. And our adopted team, the Cincinnati Reds? Not a pretty picture in oh so many years.

But this year we have an embarassment of riches. The Braves and the Reds are in the post season, which starts tomorrow. Fortunately they don’t play each other right away so we can pull for both for a little while longer. What I’m hoping for is a Braves/Rays World Series. It could happen! If the Braves get their act together. Really!


*Uncle David, I would apologize for the slight to the Yankees, but they are an evil big business machine & I’m not sure how a Democrat could pull for them. Of course, that’s assuming you’re a Democrat. Do I even know you?


  1. Just be glad your local team isn't the Astros. choke choke choke

  2. Poor Ellen! Yes, the Braves reaped the rewards of the Astros' failures a number of times. On the other hand, I recall with fondness the many times the cameras showed former president George H. W. Bush in the stands with Barbara. He seems so much happier at a baseball game than he ever did in politics!

  3. I remember that 1991 season well! We had been married a year or so and had taken a trip to San Diego. Where were we every evening? In the hotel room watching "our team" play! I've not really followed them since, but enjoyed it so much then. I had a secret crush on Greg Olson!

  4. Just look at it this way, at least you can't lose..maybe someone will make it to the World Series, you've got a better chance with 2 teams. April and I watch football on Sundays and when I say football I mean April watches riveted and I read.

  5. Sounds like you are in for some nail biting evenings. Our team is out. (obviously) so I don't know who the fans in my house will be rooting for. I enjoy baseball and hockey but don't really follow it all that much. I just "overhear" a lot.


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