Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Five

One of the political blogs I read has a “who won the week” feature. I think that this week it’s safe to say that woodpeckers won the week. Squirrel fail! Sort of. Note: to see more squirrel & woodpecker goofiness, check out Dr. M’s blog post here.

Sunday, June 12th
Not content to find one covered bridge (see it on last Saturday’s post) we meandered around today looking for two more. First, we found this. No, those are not hay rolls.

Then, success!


Monday, June 13th
Dr. M took this really cool cardinal picture. They are so elusive! If you even think about picking up the camera they’re outta here.

The squirrel of the week. He really did try his best.

After not being very satisfied with his efforts he tried to gnaw the thing loose so he could attack it in private.

Obviously he did not succeed. Here’s a downy woodpecker enjoying a treat.

Tuesday, June 14th  
Dr. M took a meander on his way to school and found this humble burro giving him the stink eye.

Blue heron!

Wednesday, June 15th
A new woodpecker – a red bellied woodpecker.

Thursday, June 16th     
It was foggy on my way to work on Thursday…

Our wildflowers seem to be doing pretty well.

Here is our cypress vine. Note how cute and innocent it looks.

This is the cypress vine from last August. It was the vine that ate our garage door!

Friday, June 17th
This is the State of the Bug. It’s a Fail – I was trying to get a picture of my new highlights. I should probably have gotten out of the car. {Lisa - note the first of my scars from getting stitches - under my left eye. This was from trying to carry my little red rocking chair up to my grandmother's porch. Bare feet. Gravel drive. Lack of fine motor skills. Rocking chair runner to the eye. Ouch! I was probably around 3.}

Dr. M took some pictures of our garden – we have zucchini, peppers & tomatoes this year.

Woodpecker enjoying a treat.

The squirrel, sulking.

Saturday, June 18th
Two more sort of fails on the highlighting. The first one is with the flash. The second one is without. You decide what color my hair is!

I decided to take a few pictures of our daisies. I do believe we’re going to have a daisy explosion here directly!

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  1. Amazing! Those sheep DO look like hay rolls until you expand the photo.

  2. Very nice! And I recognize those bridges! :)

  3. Okay, I was laughing at the squirel. That's probably mean of mean, but they just eat everything on't they. Its nice to see the woodpeckers win.

    And I love the highlights... whate er colr they are. :o)

  4. I take it back...your highlights look lovely. You do know what you're doing.

    The photos, as always, are beautiful. Are those sheep in the first?

  5. Your hair is so beautiful.

  6. Thanks guys - but next time I think I'm going to make Dr. M do the highlights for me. :)

    Yes Rudee - they ARE sheep. We had to do a double-take when we saw them.

  7. those squirrels crack me up!! But you have to admit they are persistent little buggers!!!

    My daisy's are exploding right now too...I love them!!!

  8. those old wooden covered bridges are so cool. why are they covered do you think? the road leading up to and away isn't, why did they cover the bridges?

  9. Wooden bridges were covered to protect the superstructure from the elements. An exposed wooden-truss bridge might last a decade before the trusses rot, but cover it and those trusses can last a century or more, easily, as these examples illustrate. People usually think they were covered to protect the flooring against snow, but in fact, bridge tenders would shovel snow onto the bridge floor, so that sleighs could cross. Flooring is easy enough to repair or replace, trusses, not so much.

  10. oh! Those covered bridges! Fabulous!
    I know we have some around here near where I live and one day I hope to find them... LOVE them.

  11. Ooooh, I love daisies! Had them in our wedding :) Look forward to the EXPLOSION!

    Silly squirrel. LOL

    I'd say your hair is somewhere between the two photos?

    Lovely covered bridges too, BTW.

  12. I want a daisy explosion.....can't wait to see them all bloomed out!

    Great week

  13. Love the covered bridges. The squirrel needs to be on you tube. He is hilarious. Your hair looks great!

  14. I really thought those were bales of hay. You are always so entertaining...I love how you and Dr. M are so quirky together ( I mean that in the kindest of way).

    Ouch with the eye...though I never noticed it until you pointed it out. Scars can be fun conversation starters. When people ask about Aiden's chin he holds up five fingers and says "four stitches!".

    I really like your highlights AND the extra effort on the covered bridges.

    I was laughing at your new lamp. Yeah, that's totally different. :)

  15. I love all the flower shots. So pretty. I am super jealous of the garden. I want one. Love the covered bridges. WE have one by us that I know of. Such a cool picture.

  16. Your commentary on your 365 never ceases to crack me up!

    Love the squirrel pictures. He did give it a good shot didn't he.

    BTW, I refuse to pay for air conditioning. Well, truthfully we probably couldn't afford it anyways. We're not home during the heat of the day and when we are we just have a water fight and play outside in the shade. In the evenings if it's too warm in the house we like to spend time outside playing games. Tonight it was Monopoly (the kids' first time playing) and we had a blast! So see I don't mind the heat because we're more or less forced to turn off the tv and video games and play together.

  17. I think your highlights look great. And LOVE the daisy fav flower! Great pics of the bridges as well! have a great week!

  18. Love the hair (always!), love the cardinal (jealous!), love the covered bridge trivia (leeeearned something!). You guys are AWESOME!!


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