Friday, June 10, 2011

Rugby Jam

This week for the Poetry Jam NanU provided a few picture prompts. I chose this one:


You probably don’t
know this about me
but I like to watch
All the other sports are
too loud
too quiet
too fast
too slow.
But baseball is
just right.
March is pitchers
and catchers.
April makes me giddy.
The long run to the
All Star game is bliss
and then there's the
mad dash to October
when I’m bereft again
until spring
(perhaps this is why
I don’t like winter).
Did you know that with
fewer than two outs there
are eleven ways to bring
a runner home from
third base?

{You were expecting
a poem about rugby
weren’t you?
I don’t know a thing
about rugby. Go Braves!}

Go here to read more serious responses to the prompts :)


  1. I used to like watching baseball until they started televising all the games. Now, instead of just playing the damn game, they stand around scratching their crotch and picking their noses waiting for the commercial to be over. Just play the damn game!

  2. I was spoon fed baseball as a child, grew up with St. Louis Cardinals AND St. Louis Browns (at the old Sportsman Park) ... lived in Minneapolis (Twins) Atlanta (Braves) ... I've been privileged to 'BE THERE' when the Cards (1982)and the Twins (1991)both won their World Series titles -- it's in my blood!

  3. I do like baseball, but watching on televs iion is like watching paint dry. I'm actually considering getting tickets to the Tiger's Stitch and Pitch this year. One entire section is devoted to knitters and crocheters. I've yet to make it to one of these, but this may be my year.

    I think rugby attracts players who have sculpted calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. Perhaps I need to get better educated about this sport.

  4. well, with a post title like Rugby Jam', and then 'Rugby', I did hope...
    Baseball to me was all junior high and walking down to the stadium without my parents and sitting way up high where everybody smoked weed and nobody knew what teams were playing, much less the score.

  5. This is cute! I am so not sportsy.

  6. @Ellen: Amen!
    @Helen: I was pulling against the Twins at the time, but I didn't hate them...just loved the Braves more. What a great series, and a great worst to first story on both sides. Lucky you!
    @Rudee: "Stitch and Pitch" = Awesome! Oh, and sounds like a plan, regarding "studying" rugby ;-)

  7. ha. you are a trip bug...i love me some baseball too...the smells, the sights, the is nice and easy with moments of loud cheering when the runner gets into a bang bang play with the catcher...sigh...

  8. In my 20s I was witness to some of the best baseball ever with the champion LA Dodgers in my backyard. Over 30 years ago now, I can see them, see Yaeger rising from his crouch and the ball already a missile from his arm to 2nd...
    Thank you for the memory!

  9. Rugby - a sport played by men with odd-shaped balls. That's all you need to know.
    We went to see the Portland Sea Dogs when we were up in Maine two years ago. Great atmosphere.

  10. Never seen a game! I do love devotion though.

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  12. I like your twist on the prompt. Everyone has their sport, I think. Mine is football (Go Pack), but this summer...well, Go Brewers. (It's about time!)


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