Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Six

Thanks to everyone for your condolences. We’ve been doing pretty well, considering. This week is all about flowers – as you might imagine since it’s June & we’ve spent part of the week in North Carolina.

Sunday, June 19th
We got Father’s Day carnations at church today. I was glad to think of my father while I carried it around (um, not that I stopped thinking about him when I sat it down. Although of course I don’t think about him all the time. I’m shutting up now.)

The daisies are blooming pretty well now. They make me smile.

Monday, June 20th
We still think it’s hilarious that we have a red-wing blackbird that visits our yard.

And the woodpecker feeder attracts more than just woodpeckers.

The Tax Time Pig is honoring fathers this week.

These flowers are at the Tax Time Pig’s house – gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 21st   
Dr. M has been laughing at this sign that went up shortly after our really bad hailstorm in May. Clever marketing, I think.

He passes this yard every now & then. It’s like that old poem, “back to back they faced each other, drew their swords & shot one another!” Or is that just me?


Wednesday, June 22nd
The weekly squirrel was kind of keeping it on the down low this week.

Dr. M took this picture on his way to class. Love the yellow.

Campus deer.

Thursday, June 23rd     
Wednesday evening Dr. M received the call we’d been expecting that his mother had passed away. Thursday morning when I went out to my car I saw that one of our lilies had finally bloomed. It was such a sign of hope & life that it brought both of us to tears. And like the proud parents we are, we each took a ton of pictures of it.

The next morning this guy had bloomed too, but since it was 5:30 in the morning we didn’t get a picture.

Daisy explosion!

Here is the State of the Bug – frazzled from trying on 5 different dresses to wear to the funeral.

Friday, June 24th
We made it to NC in time to go to the family viewing at the funeral home. There were some, um, interesting, family moments, but it was good to be with all of them for the most part. When we got back to my dad’s house I wandered around the yard taking pictures (yes, this is what I usually do down here).

Saturday, June 11th
The funeral was in the morning, and although we weren’t sure it would, everything went smoothly. The service was nice, with just a hint of honky tonk gospel (Dr. M’s mom was a southern gospel groupie). I think that Dr. M enjoyed talking to people he hadn’t seen in years. And we laid his mother to rest in the same cemetery that holds her parents. When we got home Dr. M was reminded that life just continues on no matter what. I’m glad I’m not trying to feed these guys!

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  1. so many great pics this week. have the day lilies I sent you bloomed yet?

  2. And through it all, you still stopped to admire the beauty of nature.

    So sorry for your loss and I'm glad things went smoothly.

  3. That baby bird picture is wonderful and I love the Continuing Adventures of Tax Time Pig.

    Condolences for your and the doctor's loss.

  4. So many beautiful shots...all that color explodes off the screen
    losing a parent hurts so much...prayers for many golden memories

  5. So many beautiful shots...all that color explodes off the screen
    losing a parent hurts so much...prayers for many golden memories

  6. Both of you have been much in my thoughts. Your comment about "interesting family moments" at the visitation brings back SO many memories. Glad you made it through with your good humor intact.

  7. So many ups and downs in life. Your photos are pretty especially the bee on the flower. I can never get one that good.

  8. It always amazes me how forcefully life continues to go on after our private tragedies. You've caught the quiet beauty of it. Much love to you both.

  9. Beautiful flowers this week...the daisies and lilies are my fav. sorry to hear about your loss...deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  10. Having just lost my own mom in April I am so sorry. Please give Dr. M my deepest sympathy. I will keep you guys in my prayers. Loved your pictures this week. I look forward to visiting your blog each week and you have yet to disappointment me. Thanks for the joy you give me each week.

  11. Funeral always make for difficult weeks. I commend you on you pictures. The were amazing this week!

    I love all the wildlife especially the baby birds. They are had to get sometimes in a picture.


  12. Dana, after my grandfather passed away, my mom saw a cardinal that flew close and stayed close. She saw it as a sign from him that he was okay where he is. Now whenever we see cardinals we think of Grandpa just saying "hi".

    I think your lily is like that -- God or Frances saying, "its okay."

    Beautiful photos and lovely memories!

  13. So sorry for you families loss. I read the post befor this about your mil. What a wonderful tribute. Beautiful pictures this week of all the flower. Gorgeous.

  14. Oh, I'm sorry about Dr. M's mother. But I'm glad it was a (mostly) nice service and time with family. Love the garden pics! Downright inspiring is what they were!!

  15. huge ((hugs)) to you both.

    "interesting family moments"... aren't they all? ;)

    awww... i love the lil' birds. too sweet. and the daisies... our hotel in anchorage had plenty! so pretty.

  16. The lilies are soooo beautiful and I love that they were perfectly timed to comfort you.

  17. I love the photos. I'm looking forward to a 365 shoot next year.
    My favorite shot by far this week was the hungry babies.

    Thank you for sharing Dana!


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