Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Miscellany

I have a big post planned for an outing we took yesterday, but I was just too worn out to mess with it last night. We had a great time and got a lot of walking in. So, to tide you over, here is some other stuff:
  • Just FYI, for anyone who might be interested, do not listen to the audio book, Reliquary, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child while eating your breakfast sandwich in the car. Really, don't do it. You will thank me. It is, however, a great book so far.
  • The boy next door just might send Dr. M and me over that mythical edge any day now. He knocks on the door many times a day wanting to borrow shovels & watering cans & ask questions about growing plants and show us his snake and give us a new whirligig for our potted geranium and make my heart melt. He has the best smile. I'll try really hard not to give him any reason to stop smiling at us.
  • I won't be writing a new Magpie poem this week - the prompt gives me the willies. Go ahead & click here to see it. You know you want to. (Except Dr. M - honey you really don't want to go see it).
  • My boss is on vacation for two weeks. I am resolving to be creative, pleasant, and resourceful in my attempts to get things done for people in his absence. We'll see how long that lasts. Heh.
  • I finally opened my surgery packet this past weekend, figuring that there might be things I need to know ahead of time. After reviewing all the information (I have to hire home health care, really?) I decided that my hip just really doesn't hurt all that much & perhaps Dr. M should have surgery instead. I promise to be a good nurse. Once I finish my little freak-out I'll review the info more calmly & then call my doctor's office with all my questions. Or cancel the surgery. Maybe I'll flip a coin!
OK, that's enough stuff for today. You may now proceed with the rest of your Monday.


  1. No, no, no! DO NOT cancel the surgery! You need to do this, Dana, if for no other reason than you are TOO YOUNG to feel OLD. Once you're fixed up and healed, you'll be able to get on a bike, and take a hike, and climb on a box and wear purple sox (oops, Dr. Seuss got loose).

    Really though, STAY ON COURSE...

  2. Well...I tried to find the Magpie photo just to see what all fuss was about. The anticipation of the surgery will probably be the worse thing for you. Summer already seems to be flying by too fast for me.

  3. yeah, that eye gave me the creeps too.

  4. OK...I just had to look, creppy!! I agree with SouthLakesMom...too much to do.

  5. You have to hire home health care? Really? Wish I lived closer...I'd do out of the kindness of my heart.

    Is it the eyeball picture? Kind of freaky. I've read way too much Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen not to get carried away with that.

  6. Why yes, you DO get to choose which HH agency you want and yes, you will need them to assist with PT exercises and such as you recover. :c) (says the former HH care nurse)


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