Shell Game

It’s a cosmic shell game, really.
I make my choice and
eagerly await the big reveal.
Empty? Or full of goodness
and mercy?
Does the canyon
exposed by the
graceful whorl
mean that I have
chosen poorly?
I talk to myself
(this is not a sign
of madness, but
of knowing that I
am not flotsam
in my own life):
The canyon could be
gnashing of teeth
in the Pit of Despair,
or a vast wonderland
where I leap
chasms beside
a laughing God.
I choose leaping.

This is a Magpie Tale and a One Shot Wednesday.


  1. make sure you get a running start.

  2. It's always so satisfying to come read what's on your mind.

  3. I've been MIA for a bit and so I'm catching up on everything. Looks like you are coming full circle and I hope your surgery goes well.

    I love your poetic voice. You inspired me to dip my toe into writing agian.


  4. How wonderful! I'm so pleased Robin @Be Still and Know highlighted you on the "Pay It Forward" blog Meme. Your writing is delightful. I'm dashing over to the follow button to sign up on my way out.

    Many blessings...

  5. I loved this and the thoughtful feel to it.

  6. I choose leaping! - love it, can I leap to?

  7. . . . and so it should be:-)

  8. By all means, leap, in perfect love and perfect trust. And get a running start, as Ellen suggests.

    What is igoogle? Is it an app?

  9. I spend a lot of time alone, so I have learned to have deep conversations with myself. I say leap, too!

  10. oh yes, leap for waht is the alternative...and how boring would that be...smiles.

  11. Talk to yourself, and you are always guaranteed to have a listener! LOL

  12. not a sign of madness, but of knowing that I am not flotsam in my own life - i like that

  13. My visits to your blog are always rewarding, Dana. Thank you.

  14. "flotsam in my own life..." I love it! Great Magpie!

  15. smiled through this and wondered what is under the other shells in the shell game! Keep leaping.

  16. Yep may as well take the leap or get stuck sitting around watching everything pass you by.

  17. I choose leaping, too.


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