Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Jam

Margaret has asked us to write a poem about our favorite summertime activity. Being a sedentary sort, I think that I've captured my favorite summer activity perfectly. Go here to read other poems, most likely filled with more interesting activities!

By the way - I was feeling stumped so I pulled my old college trick & asked my cousin KJ to give me a line to write about. So, to be perfectly honest, the first two lines are hers.

Summer sits on the
edge of her seat
vibrating with anger.
Thunder rolls.
Lightening flashes.
She glares balefully at
that brazen Spring.

Spring, always in a hurry
scorns soft days for
heady heat.

And I, caught between,
lift my face to the sun.


  1. The first two lines may have been handed to you ... the rest of your Summer Jam is ALL you!!

  2. It's remarkable how well you captured Summer's nature.

  3. I love this personification of summer! Awesome poem!

  4. Perfect description of the weather we are having. I loved this one!

  5. I like the idea of being caught between two seasons.
    (We often seem to be caught between four!)

  6. Love those first two lines!

  7. OK, loved the rest too! There's an interesting complexity to the moment.

  8. face to the sun is not a bad position in which to be...summer is a tad hot for me, i am rather more a spring and fall...

  9. The first two lines are great. It goes downhill after that.
    (only joking!)Love the personification, great idea.

  10. Dana, you pulled another good one out of your hat. I liked the notion of your cousin saying to you, "Summer sits on the edge of her seat," and then you blurt out: "vibrating with anger!" Imaginative of both of you.

  11. Summe thunder storms are usually the most fierce! You are quite the talent, I love this.


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