Dear Rainy Day

Dear Rainy Day,

I can’t help but wish
The deluge had waited
Until I was safely inside the building
My umbrella wasn’t
Quite up to the task
And now my right pants leg is soaking

It was raining just a bit when I got to work so I decided to be a girly girl and use my umbrella. About halfway from my car to the building the heavens opened up and it started POURING. So glad I was feeling a little vain about my hair today! I do believe I’ll be eating my lunch at my desk. Ha!


  1. Lucky you to have some rain, even on your pants leg! Deluges can be a pain, but rain-pain is good pain!

    Well, unless you have too much. I do like your letter to the Rainy Day, though. I should write one called, "Dear Glumpy-Fog Day".

  2. We're getting snow here in Portland, a rarity. It's really pretty until cars start driving over it.

  3. I am definitely glad I didn't have any home visits to stay nice and dry in the office all day!

  4. What a coincidence! I have just posted a poem that you have to read (in view of this experience).

  5. The best thing about rain -- it's only water. :)

  6. This girly girl is glad this is rain and not snow!

  7. Those deluges that seem to come from nowhere and actually turn the air into water make me laugh so much! Loved the poem, and thank goodness you preserved the hair.

    Pants is, of course, a rude word in the UK.

  8. Its the rainy days that make me so glad I don't have to ride the bus any more.

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment you express so well.

    The only good thing about a cold winter rain is that we don't have to shovel its equivalent when frozen. Other than that, I'm over the rain. It's been spitting rain here for days--not enough to soak through, but enough to ruin hair. I have been living with hat hair for a week.


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