Monday Miscellany

Last night I stayed up later than I meant to reading The Beekeepers’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King. So I dreamed about Sherlock Holmes ALL NIGHT LONG. Sheesh that was exhausting!

We awakened to high winds and pouring rain, which put me right back to sleep. One of the problems that I have is that I listen to myself in my drowsy morning state. “Oh you don’t need to get up – you won’t be late for work & it’s ok if you are late.” I can’t be trusted that time of day. Thank goodness for my alarm clock which shocks some sense into me. I wonder what it’s like to just wake up wanting to get out of bed?

The rain had stopped by the time I left for work, so my commute was issue free. And frankly there’s a portion of my drive that I don’t remember at all. I was listening to my Mr. Pettigrew’s Last Stand & apparently I was quite caught up in it.

Right now I’m watching the clouds fly by my window & remembering the scene from the second Mummy movie. If I see a face in those clouds I’m going to hide in the bathroom!


  1. I did that with The Hunger Games....dreamed about it every night while I was reading it!

  2. It's during that half asleep state where I've encountered the urge to call in sick and just sleep all day. It's so hard to fight.

    Sara has a rooster alarm that starts out slow and low and within minutes becomes frantic. When I first heard that alarm, it took forever to figure out where it was coming from.

    I had a dream I was lost in Germany. I had watched Unknown with Liam Neeson the night before. He was an amnesiac who was lost in the city. Oy.

  3. Oh man, me too. I've been dreaming about those characters from The Song Of Ice And Fire (I'm starting the fifth book, thank god the last two aren't written yet), that is when I sleep.

  4. I don 't read those kinds of books, so they don't keep me up at night. I DO lie awake think about what awaits me the next day at work, though.

    Back when I was in college it took 3 alarm clocks to get me up in the morning. I would turn the first off in my sleep, I could manage to open one eye to turn off the second, and the third I placed all tehe way across the room, requiring I get up and walk over to it. THAT finally woke me up. Now I have a wife. ;)


  5. Yeah wouldn't know about that scene in the Mummy movie. I am glad your commute was easy and that alarm clock is my guardian angel ESPECIALLY when it is raining.

  6. I used to wake up before the alarm clock and BE AWAKE! Now, I have to have two, set ten minutes apart. Then I still wait until the children come in.
    It takes me an hour or so to become competent. What happened to me?!

  7. I'm a crazy morning person. I'm usually up and doing before my alarm. But its hard to get up during a good rainy morning. That's just perfect sleep-in weather...

  8. High winds and pouring rain naturally want to make us hunker down! I must admit, though, that I usually get out of bed naturally at 5:30 a.m. or so. I'm just not a late sleeper. (Plus I go to bed fairly early, which is the key...)

  9. I am also not to be trusted in the morning. I wish I were a morning person, but I'm not. I'm not a night-owl anymore either, so no compensation there! I know what you mean about the clouds - I'd be in the bathroom, too!


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