Swimming that Dark Sea

sculpture: Jason deCaires Taylor
I'm recycling an old poem today. I wrote it for Magpie #17 in June 2010, so I'm sure that everyone remembers it - right? Ha! The poem is about the gulf oil spill. Seems a long time ago, doesn't it?

Swimming that Dark Sea

Above would be nice.
I thrust a hand upward
through the murk,
the tips of my fingers
the knuckles of that hand
straining toward a fresh hope
I can’t quite reach.
Not quite.

And earth’s lamentations
cover me like
a familiar quilt
stitched together
by ancient creation
weeping, as it sews.


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  1. Well-worthy of a repeat, Bug! "earth's lamentations...like a quilt" - beautiful!

  2. nice...the weeping as it sews at the end is the emotional pull for me...sad we have in many ways forgotten the spill you know...

  3. Since I'm a new follower I haven't read this poem before, so I'm glad you reposted it. These sentiments are appropriate today, and are timeless.

  4. I'm so glad you reposted this as I was not participating in Magpie in 2010.

    I LOVE your cardinal. You can see why here:


  5. These are definitely words that need repeating. I promise to never forget. I still can't buy gas at a certain station's pumps. Even if I have to pay more and travel further to buy from a different refinery, I will, choosing always, when able, Marathon or Mobil.

  6. Beautiful and thought provoking, I attempted a watery tale myself this week.

  7. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  8. Hey Bug,
    I love this poem about the oil spill.I would like to feel that one day we can reach the surface and climb out of the oil and the tar sands. I like that you offer fresh hope. Fresh hope is always welcome. Thank you for sharing.

  9. "Weeping as it sews"....this is a beautiful and somber poem Bug...i am glad you brought it back for The Mag....a powerful poem worth reading again and again!!

  10. weeping, as it sews.

    Beautiful! And is Carly a new puppy? She is adorable!

  11. very well done. I am always in amazement of people that can write poetry...it stirs so much in peoples emotions. Great job.

  12. She surely would be weeping as she sews! thanks-

  13. I love the quilt analogy...beautiful write...so glad you posted this one again, Bug...

  14. Yes, I'm impressed by the quilt image along with the other images you have used.

  15. A beautiful lilt to the first two minds- never mind the quilt! :)

  16. Thank you for reposting this. Down here on the Gulf Coast, we haven't forgotten. We're still living with the consequences.

    One note re: buying gas. You never know where your gas is coming from. Mobil or Exxon may be selling from BP refineries. Fact of life.


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