2014 Project 365 – Week Forty-two

Dr. M took some lovely fall pictures this week. If you’d like to check them out (& you should!), go here. Since he posted most of the best pictures on his blog, about all that’s left are my daily walk pictures. Sorry!

Sunday, October 12th     
My daily walk – more crazy Halloween decorations.

Monday, October 13th    
My daily walk. I loved this bird bath! And although my walk was NOT cool (75 degrees!), it WAS cool that there was a squirrel in the background while I was taking the picture.

Tuesday, October 14th   
If you missed Dr. M in his pajamas, go here. This is day two of spirit week – he’s dressed as a farmer.

On his way home from school he saw a rainbow!

My daily walk – yes, it was 16 degrees cooler than the day before! Check out that cat – getting into the Halloween spirit!

Wednesday, October 15th
Today’s spirit outfit – it was white-out day.

Waited until after choir practice to walk. It was just a little bit DARK!

Thursday, October 16th  
More spirit week – today they were supposed to dress like a decade. Can you guess which one these two cool cats are representing?

As I mentioned on my Thursday post, I had the post put in for my dental implant. Then I spent the rest of the morning running around town. Fortunately our town looks like this right now. Lovely!

My daily walk. We drove to Clarksville, Tennessee in the afternoon, so that Dr. M could go to a conference at Austin Peay University. It was late when we got in so I just did 20 minutes on the treadmill at the hotel.

Friday, October 17th
The final day of spirit week – Dr. M sent this picture back to his school. See, even though we’re not there, we’re participating!

After dropping Dr. M off at the school, I went thrift store shopping (for a Hawaiian shirt – more on that next week). Then spent some quality time crocheting a new project & listening to this most excellent book by the author of Cold Mountain. He’s SUCH a good writer!

I headed back to campus a little early so I could take my daily walk before Dr. M was finished.

Saturday, October 18th    
Some random pictures from Clarksville. Dr. M did more conferencing in the morning & then we went downtown to check out a pub that had been recommended. As mentioned in yesterday’s post I had French toast. Dr. M got the shrimp & grits. Then we wandered around while Dr. M took a few pictures of some of the architecture.

Before we drove home I took my daily walk along the river – boy I wish I could walk here every day!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I always love your walks. Where did you get this idea? I would love to do it but where I live there would be little to photograph, ha.

  2. I love the looks of your town...beautiful fall colors. LOL at the sign advertising the HVAC supply company!

    1. That is one of our historic areas not destroyed by the 74 tornado. We enjoy our adopted town. There is some lovely architecture and many gorgeous trees! The loss was great in 74, but much remains to celebrate.

  3. Dr. M in his pajamas looks like Zorro's father.

  4. love the colors of the trees!! our colors aren't there yet!

  5. Oh, Austin Peay! I used to always pick them in brackets just because I liked the name. And I always, always lost. Sigh. But the name is so fun to say.

  6. Replies
    1. Isn't it cool? Totally by accident that somehow the camera flash reflected off that A/C vent and created a halo...or was it an accident?

  7. Your neighborhood is looking very Halloweenish. You're looking good on the treadmill. Good work.

  8. Your short hair is so becoming. My daughter got the same style recently and loves it.
    Fun neighborhood to walk in. No such crazy Halloween decor around here.
    Enjoy seeing Dr. M's outfits, and his great photos!

    1. She looks great! And rather like my daughter instead of my wife...honestly, she is only four years younger, not 14! Thanks, Rita...I enjoy playing dress-up, and I dearly love sharing my photos <3

  9. Love these...we finished up homecoming at my afternoon school on Friday, Oct. 17th...it was a crazy week of dress up and kids needing to be anywhere but class...parade Thursday night...game Friday. Week 2....homecoming at my morning school...RCHS.....crazy week, lunchroom morning duty....kids needing to be anywhere but class....ACT testing.....parent open house/door judging.....parade tonight....game (working the gate) tomorrow night....Fall Festival at Church on Saturday night....Will be glad when this week is over....


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