Saturday, May 8, 2010

Project 365 – Week Nineteen

Sunday, May 2nd
On Sunday I had yet another Chipotle Steak Taco Salad from Taco Bell. I think we eat at least one per week. We're just a little bit addicted.

Monday, May 3rd
On Monday I took a picture of the Tax Day Pig's newest outfit – he's a dinosaur! I missed the next two outfits – he had one for election day & another one for Mother's Day. Who knows what he'll be wearing next week?

Tuesday, May 4th
On Tuesday I took surreptitious pictures of the neighbor's flowers – poppies & irises. I saw them later in the week & they said that I should just open the gate & come on in instead of standing outside the fence. I told them that I certainly would – their yard is lovely!

 Wednesday, May 5th
It's now a Wednesday tradition for Dr. M to take pictures of burros. I love the look this first one is giving him. Are you lookin' at ME?

Thursday, May 6th

This vine belongs to the neighbors on the other side of our house, but it's decided to come through & share some of its loveliness with us. I wonder what it is?

Friday, May 7th

Here is that silly toad again (click on the pictures to enlarge so you can see him better). He's staring at Dr. M just to the left of the pansy.

I'm amazed at how he blends in with the mulch.

Saturday, May 8th

Today was graduation at Dr. M's university. Here he is heading out this morning. You might be able to infer it from the picture – but I thought I'd just point out that THEY CAME & FIXED OUR GARAGE DOOR YESTERDAY!! This one is even insulated. We feel like the stuff!

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  1. that hilarious they put the pig in different outfits!!!!

    MMM - I love a Taco Salad...

  2. I think I will have to try the Chipotle salad. Mexican is a favorite!

  3. Dr M cleans up nicely. I love that pig and the people who own him. I love themes. I think I just might have to start dressing up Maggie. She'd probably do it. You have such beautiful pictures, love the flowers.

  4. Dear The Bug,
    I LOVE Poppies. Beautiful. I LOVE Iris. Beautiful. The hanging blue flower is a--had to go get the Audubon Guide. I didn't find it though. But it is also beautiful.

    A great week for photos!

    Ann T.

  5. Does the pig's owner sew those cute outfits for him/her? Creative!

    Lovely flowers, no matter where you find 'em :-) It has gotten cooler here already (much earlier than last year) so not seeing too much of the flowering variety these days. Glad I can enjoy yours vicariously :-)

    I envision a guest room with a series of photo art on the wall featuring...BURROS! LOL Seriously, wouldn't that be totally cool? In matching black frames, just marching around the room at the same height, every 2-3 feet another stunning Dr. M burro photo!

    Used a handful of pecans this week in a Mississippi mud cake for my English group. They loved it!

  6. ok, so who thought to dress the pig?! funny!

    I love that flower that is sneaking through your fence...if you find out what it is, please share!

    I think I now have a craving for Taco bell!!! yum!

  7. I think the pig has better costumes then my kids do at Halloween! SO fun!
    I love all of the flowers and I love that your neighbors invited you to come in to take pics!!
    Dr. M looking rather dashing on graduation day.
    Have a super week!!

  8. I think the burro on the right looks like he's in costume. Hmmmm...a spy in the burro pen?

  9. Too funny about the pig getting dressed up! And it took me enlarging the pic to see that toad! he really blends in well!!Hope you have a nice week!

  10. That yellow outfit remined me of the little baby dinosaur on barney, can't remember her name though.

    I love iris, mine have really put on a good show this year. They are almost done blooming. I will miss them when they are done. They are very easy to grow, you should plant some in your yard. Very low maintenance. Just plant them and leave them. You do have to thin them out every few years but they are planted so shallow in the ground so digging them up is very easy!


  11. Oh and I wish we had some cute little toads in the yard, but sadly Buster keeps them all at bay!

    There is a big
    "Don't go in there " sign posted in all there little toad minds!

  12. That pig cracks me up! Can't wait to see what it'll be wearing next!
    I love poppies! So pretty and delicate and beautiful color. If you ever find out what that neighbor's little visiting flower is let us know, very interesting!

  13. Nice neighbors!

    You always do such a nice job with your edits, too.

  14. Yummy chipotle steak salad! Will have to try that.
    Hilarious pig!
    Darling toad!
    Gorgeous flowers!
    You did it again, Bug!
    I bet Dr. M is enjoying the after-semester freedom.

  15. Your flower photos are beautiful! I like the donkey too. They have such interesting personalities don't they?


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