Monday, May 3, 2010

The World Keeps On…

Man, I hate being predictable. Well, that's not strictly true – I enjoy a good routine. But this business of being out of sorts. Crabby. Bloated. Uncomfortable in my own skin. I'd rather that not be routine. Four weeks ago I wrote this. And today, again, I had my monthly epiphany. For heaven's sake – really? Am I so present moment that I can't keep track of the rhythms of my life? Apparently.

But enough complaining.

On Sunday I was in church listening to an elderly gentleman read the lessons, and then another elderly gentleman talked about his experiences on ships during World War II. I was filled with a sense of gratitude and sadness. Gratitude that I got to be with these men now, but such a sadness that I won't know them longer. I'll bet they were pistols when they were younger. But how can you tell which younger people will be as interesting when they're older? If I knew I'd work on getting to know them now!

I took a picture of the infamous pig today – he's a (rather silly) dragon right now. But you'll have to wait until Saturday to see him – he's definitely my picture of the day. Until then, enjoy these random pictures I took from my desk at work & a few that Dr. M took today – helping to remind me of some of the other cycles of life…

Nekkid Sheep. Heh.


  1. I love how you're brave enough to comment on being bloated! I'm definitely feeling that way, too, but am too chicken to put it in a post! :D
    Love the Nekkid Sheep! :D

  2. WT's dear dad was at sea for three years in WWII. It is sad to think these brave guys won't be with us much longer.

  3. I know what you mean about enjoying older people and the sense of regret that we don't have a chance to know them at a deeper level. Younger may NOT have been better. Deeper, that's another thing.

    Love the nekkid sheep. I had to zoom in to discover that he/she wasn't just a shadow you'd etched onto your photo. Hah!

  4. I had a hard time keeping track too. It always came as a surprise...already?

    Our neighbors here are in their 80s. Amazing people.

  5. Love the clouds outside your window, and the plowed field is really gorgeous, too.

    Have you ever considered acupuncture for the bloating and discomfort?

  6. Hi Dana, I hope you are soon rid of your bloaty-ness and suchlike. Your hip? Any better?

    When we started our ballroom evenings in the Scottish Borders we had an elderly couple, Olga and her hubby John, both aged 82 when they joined us that first evening in Gattonside hall for a dance or two.

    John was an excellent dancer, but was also an Alzheimer sufferer. He was a captain in the navy in WWII and his ship was torpedoed. He spent many days in a lifeboat in the middle of a vast sea. He got through that but it was a close call.

    To me, he was a real hero. He died about four years ago; Olga died six months later.

    We owe a huge debt to all those who fought in the war. Now the world has to fight the cowardly dogs who hide bombs and kill just for the sake of ... what?

  7. I love that you tracked the journey of the clouds out your window. It's a different way to watch time go by, huh?

  8. Reya - as a needle-phobe I have never considered acupuncture (even thought I KNOW it's not the same as getting a shot). But really, until recently it hasn't been as big of a problem - I'm wondering if there are "other" changes going on now. I have a gyno appt. on Thursday & I shall discuss it with her!

  9. I'm happy to say the days of bloat and crabbiness are behind me now (hooray!). Love the piccies!


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