Monday, May 10, 2010

Bacon on the Bus!

Padhraig Nolan at The Scaldervillage Voice is driving the poetry bus this week. He instructed us to pick a number from 1 to 14 (mine was 8) and then click on this link. He said that these photo archives are part of a larger project called The Commons on Flickr. He warned us to "Be Careful! You could quite easily spend the rest of your day (and then some) browsing the visual riches therein." We were to go to the collection that matched our number & then go to the picture that matched our number. Here is my picture and the haiku it inspired (you really should click on the picture to get the full effect).

Crowd surrounding a woman skating around a giant skillet with slabs of bacon tied to her feet, holding a giant wooden spatula, Chehalis, Washington, ca. 1929-1932

She wanted to go
To the winery fest
But bacon is cool

Grapes would be cooler. Literally.


  1. How bizarre is that picutre! Nice haiku though!

  2. Bizarre but definitely cool. Dali would have loved this.

    And your haiku.

  3. LOL! What talent you have!

  4. Ha! I love your haiku. I thought she was grape stomping when I first glanced at the picture... That link is really dangerous.

  5. Dear The Bug,
    A very good haiku!

    And what a picture! But nothing will keep me from loving bacon, even the idea that you can slide on it.

    Ann T.

  6. Eeeee! Chehalis is the local "big city" here! Just south is Winlock, where they have a Egg Days celebration and just east is Toledo where they have Cheese Days....hmmm, I'm getting hungry!....but if Chehalis would bring their big skillet over to Winlock we could cook quite an omelet!

  7. Kim - I looked up more info on the picture & apparently they were getting into the Guiness book for the world's largest omelet! The bacon was just to grease the pan before they added the 7,200 eggs!

  8. Bacon is indeed wonderful!
    How did you manage to find this picture?
    loved the haiku

  9. right!.. that's our next big stage prop for the next gig!.. i gotta get me one of them!
    Absolutely loved the haiku for this, just perfect! :-D

  10. Hey Bug, I like the haiku, and speaking of bacon....

    "Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper." ~ Sir Francis Bacon
    : )

  11. A little unhygienic, but fab! Well done

  12. skating around a giant skillet with bacon tied to her feet? was this the prize or the punishment?

  13. And we wonder why aliens don't make contact with us!! A fun haiku piece.


  14. Great job!
    I landed on 8 too, but just couldn't think what to say about the woman in her skillet so I counted rows & columns the other way. Not sure it improved things.

  15. Unbelievable photograph - like a giant getting the little people to cook themselves for him - and the haiku then took me to another place entirely. Imaginative, surreal, just loved it!

    Great prompt this week. I've seen things...
    And I keep wondering who made the skillet.

  16. A nice combination, the poem and the pic!

  17. Now we know what they did for entertainment before television. LOL


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