Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is just an excuse to show my high school graduation picture

I was answering the random dozen questions. I talked about what I wore to my high school graduation (white dress with turquoise polka-dots – I thought I was the stuff). I referenced my terribly cute penguin umbrella. I talked about how I tried to help Dr. M with the mowing, but after pulling the cord 10 times I gave up. But then I ran out of steam & bored myself. So I decided to spare you guys. You're welcome.

Dr. M is teaching a class at a satellite campus this summer. One night a week – five hours. I'm pretty sure that he'll be tired of hearing himself talk after five hours. Pretty sure. He had his first class tonight. Two people were registered & one person showed up. Now that's some intense one-on-one teaching there.

I actually did some exercise last night. I listened to my book on tape & used my Gazelle. And then my hip hurt extra so I was tossing & turning in bed. My arm has been hurting more lately too (opposite side from my hip). And if I'm on my back one of my knees starts hurting. So I'm thinking, you know that sling that they use for horses who've broken their leg & they're trying to save? I figure if we rig it just right I could have a comfortable night's sleep. But I will not let hip pain keep me from exercising – I think the key to easing that pain & the one in my knee is to get some weight off. My arm will just have to fend for itself.

The Braves are last in their division. The Reds are second (behind those annoying Cardinals). So I feel like singing the song that legend says the British band played when they surrendered at Yorktown – The World Turned Upside Down.

Dr. M & I are planning a trip south at the end of the month. It'll be nice to see the fam again. Hopefully our pictures from the journey won't have snow or flooding in them.

Well, I'm sleepy & need to wrap this up. It's the 7th inning & the Braves are winning for a change. Woot!


  1. You were (and are) so cute. I can see why you go by "Bug".

  2. What an innocent look in your eyes and an angelic smile on your lips!

  3. I don't keep up with baseball: the only time I did was when the Braves went from last to first and won the World Series...we were living in Ga. at the time! Who wasn't a Braves fan in Ga. at that time? :)

  4. Bug, if you only had the good sense to be a Phillies fan, this wouldn't happen to you.

  5. Oh, Bug! I want one of those sling thingies too! I have an illio-tibial band injury on both sides so either side is painful to sleep on. If I lie on my back, I get back-pain. Maybe there's a gap in the market here?

  6. A friend of mine who has a hurt knee has been exercising in his community pool. The water takes the weight off and adds some extra resistance.

    Also, I'm an Astros fan so I feek your pain of routing for a losing team.

    On another note... you are really cute in your high school picture!

  7. Love the grad pic...such a flashback. I feel sorry for the one person in Dr. M's class, there is no nodding off during a 5 hour class when you are the only student. Talk about pressure and anxiety...kind of like being an only child. I feel your pain about pain...sucks getting old.

  8. Didn't you know? You ARE the stuff!

  9. I hear ya about the aches and pains. This rainy weather is not nice to me! And I love your pic- your hair is so long!

  10. There is a cliché: Pretty as a picture. I now see how that originated Dana.

    Fond regards, Phil

  11. i love that grad. photo! i am getting really emotional about the graduation stuff right about now. its my first time to experience it with my kid. :/ wow, time flies.

  12. Loved the graduation recollections!
    I had turquoise plastic hoop earrings (clip on variety)
    at that age and thought I was Waaaaaay cool!
    We are Yankee fans here but sort of embarassed that they go out and BUY good players.....

    Sorry about the joint pain. I can sympathize.

  13. *bounds into the middle of the comment section, singing Mighty Mouse Theme at the top of my lungs*

    Or something like that.

    Bug, I have arthritis resulting from some crushed bones fifteen years ago (I am fine, just achy)...and therefore I have all kinds of hip problems, along with a great familiarity with how to deal with the suckers. In addition to that, I've got some other stuff that makes me a host of walking injuries...but I do workout regularly.

    You need to stretch your hip flexors before and after a workout of any kind in order to avoid that "OW! OW! And still more OW!"

    Here is a link to one article about them:


    then here is a link to one way to do a hip flexor stretch:


    keep searching under "hip flexor stretch" to find one that looks good for you, and the key to not being sore after a workout, is to make sure you stretch out after you workout also :-)

    *bounds away*

  14. You are totally adorable! Now and back then.

    What is the origin of the mortarboard? What a weird idea. However you rocked that look. Yeah.

  15. You guys are great. I wish I had the creamy skin & great hair from 1982... I have to say this - that girl did NOT think she was pretty. Sad.

  16. have you tried yoga? it is a miracle for hurting bits and parts!

  17. Well, you must be on pins and needles right about now. Your Reds are currently leading the Cardinals in the bottom of the 5th - playing for first place in the division, and your Braves - while in last place in their division, aren't that far back, Bug. That's one of the tighter divisions in baseball.

    I watched my Astros lose a squeaker to the Giants yesterday .. left the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th. Their closer must have delivered 20+ pitches to our last batter, Matsui, who fouled off at least 10-15 pitches. As he kept staying at the plate, my hope buds sprang up, little by little, but it wasn't to be. Oh, well!

  18. Alane - I checked out your links. I have a slight problem in that I can't raise my right arm over my head (I'm still in some pain from my surgery & I never really made it past my shoulder in therapy). But the stretch in the video is one I'm VERY familiar with & should be able to do. Duh! The problem with arthritis is that it, of course, is better to stretch, but it's probably still going to hurt.


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