Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Random Dozen

The Random Dozen is hosted by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. Go there to check out the answers other folks gave to these questions.

1. What is one really fast, know-by-heart "go-to" meal to fix in a pinch? I don't cook, really, so it would be something VERY simple, like grilled chicken (on the Foreman grill – I don't mess with our outdoor grill), my dad's green beans & rice. We usually add bell peppers to the green beans. I know – very exciting!

2. What is one item you won't leave home without. (Purse and license do not count.)
My current audio book. If I am forced to listen to the radio I can't be held responsible for my driving actions. Really.

3. Where is one place you never tire of visiting?
My dad's house. Sure there are lots of other places I like to visit, but where else can I sleep in my old bedroom, eat Amy's cooking, and just hang out & do nothing? And if I need excitement I can head next door to my brother's house :)

4. Share one factoid of your family's history.
My dad pointed out to me the other night that the village where my mom grew up is the only one with its name in the U.S. I did an internet search & I think he might be right. Brookford, North Carolina is one of a kind. And should perhaps remain that way Uncle David? Heh. It was a mill town – her parents worked in the mill & so did she when she grew up. It was a hosiery mill. I think she sewed socks. What's interesting to me is that although neither of his parents worked in the mill, Dr. M also grew up in a mill village. So instead of marrying my father, did I marry my mother? Hmmm – I think I should just stop this line of thought right now.

5. Complete this sentence: "Once upon a time I ...."
thought I would get into shape someday. I guess that could still happen.

6. If you could win a one year's supply of anything, what would it be?
Gasoline! I would say some food item, but I'm NOT a hoarder – I would just eat whatever it was until it was gone, which would be about three weeks months.

7. "One quirky thing you may not know about me is ...."
I have to leave the room or cover my eyes when there's a lot of tension or scary stuff going on in a show I'm watching. Like, I remember when I was a kid, watching Little House on the Prairie, and the scene where Mary is in the tree with what's his name – I could NOT stay in the room. Just couldn't stand it. Now I don't remember why (was it their first kiss?). But I still do that. Dr. M laughs at me.

8. You have one dollar in your pocket. What will you buy?
Something chocolate I'm sure. Or a lottery ticket.

9. "One thing that always makes me laugh is ...."
The sheep I drive by every day. I don't know why – I just think sheep are funny. Or maybe that pig – that's pretty funny too.

10. What is one thing you could do today to help yourself reach a personal goal?
Exercise (see number 5 above).

11. What is one thing you could do today to bless someone else?
Call someone I haven't talked to in a while. Or maybe the blessing would be if I don't call.

12. What is one thing you're looking forward to soon?
Going to NC to see the family at the end of the month. I'll be staying at my favorite place!


  1. #4: LOL! Interesting piece of history, there. Greeneville, Tn. is the only Greeneville in the US spelled with the extra 'e'...or so we were told in high school history.
    Enjoy your vacation in NC!

  2. You're in good company. I'm known to bury my face in a throw pillow on parts of movies I can't bear to watch!

  3. I have four essentials for leaving the house...wallet, phone, keys and glasses.

  4. oh - gas is a good one... I didnt think of that!!!

  5. You're go-to meal is a lot more elaborate than mine.. queue spaghetti! I used to be much more of a cook, but since my daughter hates anything that tastes like something I have stopped trying...

  6. Reacting to the radio just might be a good defense to reckless driving charges! I'll keep it in mind, but perhaps I'll check out some audio books instead. If you have some good recommendations, visit me today and tell me!

  7. I opted to play this on my blog today before reading your answers, so it was fun to note that we'd both go for a year's supply of gasoline. Great minds, eh? Or Traveling Spirits? Traveling with spirits? All of the above works for me.

  8. You should've cooked a salad, Dana. It's so easy, and no cooking involved.

  9. Have a great and safe trip!

  10. free gas for a year would be great!!!!! i am with you!

  11. Dear The Bug,
    You and Willow and I should go to movies together. I can't stand the scary stuff AT ALL. I think it's the theme music.

    Let's go see "Fluffy Bunnies; The Sequel". We'll get enough popcorn to last us for three hours, and you and i will eat all ours in the first hour.

    Ann T.

  12. This made me chuckle. You and I have a lot of similarities. I grew up in a mill town, and if I only had a dollar, I would buy chocolate. And I always have to leave the room when the shower scene in "Psycho" comes on.

  13. these are always fun. you're answers are great. love #8.
    chocolate or lottery ticket. Ha!.

    very interesting about you're mother's hometown.

  14. I am SOOO with you on #7! I also can't sit still for a whole movie. Absolutely.Cannot.Sit.Still. So I don't really like going out to the movies. I prefer watching in my home where I can pace, get snacks, pause it if it gets too intense. LOL

    Heading to Sta. Rosa for a 5-day retreat with 20 others. Should be exciting! LOL I cooked two crockpots and a dutch oven full of stew yesterday and 8 pones of cornbread for dinner tonight. Since 14 of the 22 are men or teenage boys, we need a LOT of food :-)

  15. These were funny today. I'm with you on the spending a dollar on choc and on the once upon a time... well, it could happen.


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