Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foggy Morning

The future isn't actually as murky as this picture. I've been anticipating big changes at work which it appears will not happen.* Other than the helping in HR - that did happen - but isn't really a change per se. I'm all deflated. Not that I really knew what was coming down the pike. But it was going to be new! And different!

The thing is that I love my job. So it staying the same is a good thing. Apparently I'm just craving change. I think this weekend at home I'll switch the blue filing cabinet with the cream colored one. I know! I think that's pretty radical too. I'll let you know how it goes.

*In the interest of full disclosure I should say that any anticipation of change on my part was based entirely on my own fantasies and not on actual inside knowledge of said change.


  1. A change in color (blue to cream) is also a change.

  2. I had a friend once who, almost every other month, like clockwork, moved around pieces of furniture in her house to a different location. LOL... she said it simply had to be changed, even if only a little bit. I think we all get tired of being a bit stuck in our sameness.

  3. I'm feeling the same kind of change mood. This weekend I plan on going through my closet and giving away all the clothes I don't wear.

  4. It must be nice to love your job.

  5. Dear The Bug,
    I don't think you should minimize the fears you had about your job. Forecasting is how you get advance warning and plan to have things the best that they can be.

    But I'm glad none of the changes for the worse occurred. If you like what you have, then I'l glad you get to keep it!

    Oh, and you could buy some new shoes too, that changes things,

    Ann T., smiling

  6. I love your picture. It reminds me of a retreat leader saying that our path is like driving a car in the fog, only being able to see a headlight's distance ahead--so we just keep going. Thanks for this.


    awards for you.
    Happy Monday!

    stay safe!


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