Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 365 – Week Eighteen

Sunday, April 25th
On Sunday I found a four leaf clover by the garage. This is the picture I had wanted to put in this post – but the internet thwarted me.

Monday, April 26th
On Monday Dr. M took pictures of cows. I love the green grass & the cow silhouettes on the hills.

Tuesday, April 27th
On Tuesday my tomato seeds started sprouting! I was SO excited when I looked on top of the microwave (what? It was a warm dark place.) & saw the little bit of green. And just the day before I had FINALLY remember to water it. Oops.

Wednesday, April 28th

On Wednesday Dr. M saw these very fuzzy burros – too cute!

And he took this arty shot of exploding dandelions. I still think they're pretty – although the empty stems are like sentinels in the grass. What are they trying to warn us of?

Thursday, April 29th

Thursday was the day Dr. M was working on my computer. Well, one of the days. I think he's finally done. For now.

Friday, April 30th

Oh Friday Dr. M was laughing in the kitchen & then grabbed the camera. I don't know what it means when penguins start standing on top of sheep. Is it a sign of global warming?

Saturday, May 1st

Today I decided to take a picture of our "laundry center" since that's what we're doing today. We were going to go back to the fen to see what's new, but it's raining. Maybe we'll get out there tomorrow afternoon. We got this laundry cart because the washer & dryer are in the kitchen. We used to roll the whole thing into the kitchen, but these days we just tote the clothes back & forth. I like that the bins are small so we do laundry in smaller more manageable loads (we had to get a compact dryer to fit into the space – can't cram too many clothes into it).

It's my oldest nephew's birthday today. I can't believe that this little angel is 18 today! What the heck? He's graduating high school this year & plans to enter the computer world. He's been taking computer classes at the local community college. He'll go there for a bit & then probably transfer to a four year college. I think if he could he'd just crawl right inside the computer. But we'd miss you B1! As is my modus operandi I have forgotten to send him a card & his annual birthday check. But obviously I'm thinking of him on his birthday – that counts for something, right?

Mom holding B1 - he's wearing her reading glasses

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  1. I think I'm probably the last person in the world who has never seen a four-leaf clover (other than in pictures).

    I love the laundry cart. It's nice that it's all in one spot like that!

  2. The dandylions are trying to tell us it is allergy season. Love the penguin on the sheep. Too cute. Are you sure you don't live in England. All your animal pictures remind me of England.

  3. I have never seen a four-leaf clover either!!

    love all the country-side peaceful looking!!!

    Happy Birthday to your nephew!

  4. Always enjoy the outdoor photos! Cows and dandelions...lovely!
    I think it's a sign of the times to come...when penguins take over the world! LOL They've already got a good start with tons of merchandise out there. World dominion starts with capitalism, right? :-)

  5. Love your pics! Way to go on the four-leafer, and your laundry center brings back memories of a former residence with a small stackable. Glad those days are over!

    Enjoy your week. Your P-365 reminds me that I need to bring mine up to date!

  6. That green grass with the cows is gorgeous..very inviting for my bare feet!
    The penguin is funny! Wonder how the sheep feels about it?
    Have a super week!!

  7. Sometimes the sheep seems to nibble on the penguin's feet...

  8. I love the picture of the dandelions! Our washer and dryer are in the kitchen too at the country house. Don't really like this arrangement, we had/have a laundry room in the city house.

  9. My St. Paddy's day birthday boy would be a little jealous knowing you found a 4 leaf clover! He looks for them everywhere! And that laundry cart looks like it would keep my organized!!

  10. Good that your internet is back. Amazing how I rely on it.

    The photos are so cool, and I like how you framed them too. Mr. M. has nice skills as well as you.

    This is a nicely mixed set of pics to show your life.

  11. Fun glimpse into your home and surroundings. Great use of space with the laundry arrangement.Like always SUPER photos!
    Guess you are in luck with that find at the beginning of the week.
    You MO reminded me of mine, seldom on time with birthday cards, but always with good thoughts.

  12. Great clover shot.
    Awww...cows and burros.
    That's an awesome dandelion picture!! You're right. Very artsy.
    Happy B-day to the now-grown nephew! Crazy how time flies.

  13. I've never actually seen a 4 leaf clover in real life... that is really cool!

  14. We love 4-leaf clovers around here!
    I like the dandelion shot too, though not if they are in my hard!
    Nothing like a young-uns bday to make us feel old!

  15. I remember as a kid tromping all over the grass in my bare feet - and trying to avoid bees - looking for 4-leaf clovers. I probably found two or three over the years. LOVE the fact that you now have one in your very own back yard. How neat!


    Happy May!

  17. Love your dandelion pic. Creative shot. ;)

    All of your landscape and animal pictures look so relaxing. hahhh...


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