Dear Winter

Valentine's Day, 2007
This is blurry, but shows the very coat, hat, scarf & gloves of which I speak.

Dear Winter,

As I was driving through the lovely snow flurries today I realized that it's not really snow that makes me hate you. Admittedly, driving on treacherous roads isn't one of my favorite things – but there's a certain challenge in that (finding that perfect speed somewhere between 80 and 20 that will get me home in a timely manner).

No, my beef with you is coats. And hats. And scarves. And gloves. Sure, they're all cute and stuff. And, yes, they're necessary in your frigid temperatures. But if I drop my keys one more time because they slip out of my gloves, or if I have another hot flash in the grocery store because I can't figure out what to do with my coat, or if I somehow again get my scarf and the seatbelt so entangled that I'm in danger of strangling myself, or if my hat slips sideways ONE. MORE. TIME. (because I have a li'l ole head), I'm just going to give up. Hypothermia, here I come!

That is all.

Love Sincerely,

The Bug


  1. OK that's funny. I have those same problems. It's just part of the fun of winter.

  2. Well I like wearing my wool, but lately it's so cold, I can't knit the stuff fast enough.

    Sorry about your hat. If I'd known, I wouldn't have ripped out the too small hat I knit today.

  3. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, for sure. The thing that's bugging me is gloves and the automated cashier machines that they are forcing me to use. I can't do the glove, the discount card, the bag, and the scanner, then the credit card all at the same time.

    And then all those people are staring at my back!

    By the way, that is a charming picture of you.

    Ann T.

  4. I am world's worst about not even wearing one! Then, I got caught having to walk 1/2 mile home in a snow storm and learned my lesson!

  5. I feel your pain. I think you need a new hat. And gloves with a secret compartment through which your key could slide right into your fingers while not losing connection with the secure safety of their glove.

  6. I can relate. With me I think it is also a claustrophobia thing...with all that stuff on me. I can't stand anything around my neck either. But when it is freezing out ....I can't get enough of it. Lightweight.. yet warm is the best.

  7. Can't really relate. Don't want to relate. It's bad enough that I have to wear long underwear once and a while. And shoes.

  8. Oh yes I am sympathising with you all the way. Frozen fog here and if any more lands, the trees are going to crack in two. But apart from that all is well!!

  9. LOL. I feel the same way. I left my hat at home today and suffered for it. Grrr!

  10. it looks a lovely, warm hat from here

    You should attach an elastic band so it doesn't move :)

    Maybe shops should have a cloakroom?

  11. Not something I mind so much, but oh! the children drive me mad! They feel compelled to take their hats and gloves off each time we just nip into a shop, put them down, and then we have to retrace steps on leaving. Every time.
    And they have coats with pockets! Big pockets! They even count how many pockets their coats have got! Never think to use them though...

  12. Yes, the cold ism upon us poor Bug

    I do hope you do not suffer too much

    it's painful at the dog-park these sub-zero mornings....!

  13. Oh my word that sounds like me. You are too funny. I wear scarves all the times and I can't tell you how many times I have strangled myself. LOL

  14. Ha! I saw you standing there and I waved. :P

    Yes! Yes! In the grocery store and the hot flash thing. Good heavenly days that's a problem!!

  15. Ha! I like your hat. I have a similar one.


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