Friday, December 24, 2010

Project 365 – Week Fifty-Two - Merry Christmas!

This week was a squirrel kind of week. They've found a new squirrel diner!

Sunday, December 19th
So far the squirrels are just eating the (considerable) bird seed on the ground instead of trying to figure out how to get up to the feeder.

Monday, December 20th
Here is a new bird visitor - a common house finch.

Dr. M took some more pictures of the campus deer.

And here is the full moon. The clouds covered the sky when I got up later at 3:30 Tuesday morning so I missed the eclipse, but the full moon was pretty nice anyway.

Tuesday, December 21st
More squirrel silliness...

Wednesday, December 22nd

We headed to NC on Wednesday. Here's a picture of my Dad's most constant activity these days - pecan cracking.

This critter showed up after dinner - what in the world?

Dr. M wandered outside to get a picture of Daddy's Christmas decorations. We love the palm tree.

Thursday, December 23rd
Thursday Dr. M & I went to have breakfast with a group of my college friends (which includes my cousin KJ). Did I remember the camera? No, of course not. I'll share some pictures later when I get email copies of my friends' pictures. We've been getting together sometime around Christmas for 27 years now.

I did take a picture of one of the pecan nuts that Daddy had - it looks like a brain! I think it's hilarious. But I don't know why :)

And here is Mount Pecan in the basement - this is just a fraction of what has come off the tree this year. I think these might keep Daddy busy well into March madness...

Friday, December 24th
Daddy was out in the garden breaking up some of the ground while Amy's son was visiting. His dog Bullet was fascinated by the garden. Bullet reminds me of Alexander, the first dog I remember from my childhood (besides the terrifying Laddie at my grandparents' house).

While I was outside I saw this buzzard flying around the house. After I got the picture (of course!) I went in to make sure Amy was ok. :)


We had Christmas with my brother's family Friday night & I was a little out of control with pictures - but I'm posting my favorites anyway.

My brother's family has a new doggie member - Ripley. My sister-in-law loves animals - this makes three dogs in the family - & they have a snake too. Doesn't he look like "just shoot me now!"?

 Dr. M making Ripley's acquaintance.

Amy grinning at Daddy's "gift" to her - a Roomba. Since he does most of the vacuuming we knew who the gift was really for.

J was pretty pleased with her Justice gift card. I went the easy route & everybody got cash or gift cards.

My brother and his younger son smiling at their gifts.

My brother's oldest son is pleased too. 

I decided to show solidarity with the dog by wearing his antlers.

Saturday, Christmas Day!
Psych! I've decided to post this early because tomorrow will be pretty busy. So I'll post my Christmas Day pics next week. 

[Merry Christmas, my dear Bug! Heh]
Merry Christmas to everyone!

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  1. What a great 365-er you are! If I can manage to stay up, I may do the same. ;) Love the expression on that cute puppy's face. ha. Wish I could help crack some pecans on Mt. Pecan. Some great conversations could be had with such a monumental task! Have a Merry Christmas!! :D

  2. How fun! Man, that's some pecans there! What a proliferative tree. Hope you and your family have a great day today.

  3. Hi y'all. That should have read "trees". He's got several around his house, and seemingly all have been prolific this season! The man does love his pecans...and yes, there is pie! Merry Christmas! I've had too much sugar!

  4. Merry Christmas Bug. It looks like everyone is having a great time.

    Oh and I love our new header picture.

  5. Dear The Bug,
    This is all wonderful to hear. The pictures are great. A real family holiday!

    I'm with H-Mama. Cracking pecans or shelling black-eyed peas around the kitchen table is great fun.

    I hope the rest of the week is just as good!

    Best holiday to you,
    Ann T.

  6. awesomely captured pics!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Love the ears!

    It has been fun getting to know all the 365ers this year!

    It's like a window into all of our lives.

    Blessings for a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy new year!


  8. Thank you for stopping by the Eastern Woodlands. My comment button is not working very well today and I cannot respond to comments. I miss my blogging friends and Barry's too, so I am determined to blog over the holidays. My favourite nuts are pecans!!! I loved your squirrely blog. Lindsay wouldn't have appreciated it so much. Give your family lots of hugs!
    Love, Linda xoxo

  9. Love the deer and the squirrels. The many-legged critter NOT.
    Unending supply of pecans! I'm envious.
    What on earth were you doing up at 3:30?
    So, dear Bug, I've been thinking about your comment--a new name for my blog. How about Koch's Kaleidoscope?

  10. ok, I don't know what that bug is but it is GROSS!!!

    love the squirrel pictures. they are pretty clever on how they get to the birds seeds at times!!

    and that is a LOT of pecans!!!

    Happy New year!

  11. I love the squirrel pictures they are so cute!

    That is a large mountain of pecans, yikes! Does he sell them?

  12. Looks like a very fun week! Very cool moon photo.

    Family get-togethers are always good, and so are the ones with friends! I'd say after 27 years, that particular get-together of friends is a tradition, no? :)

    Loved the pile of pecans! I brought back a bag with me :) But we can get them here now, which makes me VERY happy!

    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  13. The squirels are fun!
    Now that's a lot of pecans!! I could make a lot of pies from those!! YUM! Love the "brain" pecan too. The bug...not so much, YUCK!
    The dog doesn't look so thrilled with his antlers, but you look very cute in them. :)
    Have a Happy New Year!!


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