Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's that stuff again...

The sun has come out now & snow is leaping off of trees, but this morning was a winter wonderland outside Daddy & Amy’s house. I think we got around 6 inches or so. Ya’ll know how I feel about the stuff, but oh, isn’t it pretty! Especially since we’ve nothing to do but sit around and read (and eat). I might drag Dr. M out in a bit to see what the wider world looks like, but it’s ok if we just stay put right here. Although the aroma of Amy’s vegetable beef stew might drive me mad. Heh.


  1. Smashing photos, and those birds! Superb creatures; don't have them in the UK. Plenty of other sorts of course, but not those.
    This 'winter wonderland' is getting to be a real bore now. We still have snow and ice from late November! Not a lover of it, even at Xmas time; go snow, GO!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Our snow is already melting. By morning I expect there won't be a trace of our white Christmas. When do you head home?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photography! Cloudy and gray here, but that's ok with me. We still have snow on the ground and that's enough--43 degrees and rainy come the weekend.

  4. Everything is clothed in white snow and it looks wonderful: the snow covered -tree, the snow-covered roof, the little birds (not covered) on the snow-covered branches.
    Good photographic job, dear Bug!

  5. Wow! Such beauty. A true winter wonderland. We are here in the South just looking for one snowflake......

  6. beautiful bird and snow photos! lovely :)

  7. Dear The Bug,
    It IS beautiful, but I know what you mean about walking in it.

    Ann T.,

  8. snow is always beautiful from a distance - these are great photos.

    The snow by us is mostly brown and black from the roads and people churning it up - so not so picturesque any more

  9. Oh yes, it looks pretty doesn't it. so enticing. come out and play little girl. hee hee

  10. Lovely, lovely pictures!

    And I'm so glad I'm looking at them online while sitting in front of my fan and enjoying a beautiful summer day -- nuch, much better than having to experience it myself! :)

  11. I wonder what that bird is thinking?

    "Shit! I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!"


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