I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye…

I'm saying goodbye to a dear & trusted friend. Broken and battered, it has served me well. But with a non functioning zipper, it must cross the frozen bridge of microwave meals. And now I'm on a journey to find the Perfect Lunch Bag. Not too big. Not too small. I have those. It must be Just Right. Just call me Goldibug. 

Before - I was trying to pull my hair forward so you could see its how long it was -  but I really like this one step from lunatic look here.
I got my hair cut today and I feel extra bouncy now. Or maybe it's just my hair that's extra bouncy & I'm my usual earthbound self. It's cute - & has potential. I like to go a long time between trims (6 months usually) & I think this cut will grow out nicely. I've probably mentioned this before – but don't salon mirrors make you look just hideous? I was a whey faced pig eyed crone at the salon, but I was relieved to see that I was back to my usual cuteness in my car's rear view mirror.

After - I can see that I could do a little more work on the under eye area...
Speaking of pig eyed crones, I lost 3.2 pounds at my weigh in on Tuesday. That made me happy. I won't be pig eyed for too much longer! Only another 20 pounds or so & my face will slim down & the wrinkles will pop out & I'll just look like a crone. I jest – I don't think I'll look that bad, but I'm prepared to start looking my age. Acting it? A whole other matter. Don't hold your breath.


  1. Bug, you crack me up!! Seriously, what is it with those salon mirrors? I think they order them from Snow White's wicked step-mother!

    I love your new look.

  2. Oooh! Big step with the hair cut. I find them tough, but sometimes, just sometimes, they can payoff - leaving you all bouncy and happy and feeling sexy.
    Yay for you!
    Good luck with the lunch bag shopping

  3. Cute hair cut! And good for you on your 3.2!

  4. You are such a funny, funny girl Dana! LOVE the new "do" and how spot on you are about how salon mirrors can make one look! Have a great day.

  5. Cuteness abounds!

  6. Loved the transformation:

  7. nice...great job on the wieght loss...i like the hair too...good luck on the lunch box though...

  8. I like both hair photos, but I know it feels good every so often to get a new haircut. And I don't go into the get a haircut very often either because I look hideous under those lights. And most of the ladies that cut my hair...tell me how bad my hair is while they try and sell me their products.
    Great job on the weight loss. I need to get serious in that department myself.

  9. Great Haircut! It suits your face perfectly.

  10. "What is it you want to change? Your hair, your face, your body? Why?

    "For God is in love with all those things and He might weep when they are gone." ~St. Catherine of Siena

    And you're beautiful, Sweet Sistah, doesn't it feel good to do a little maintenance? I'm not minding my own wrinkles (um, much ... well, maybe a little! :P) but I AM trying very hard to have smiling wrinkles rather than frowning wrinkles.

  11. Cute Do!! Congrats on the weight loss and I saw some cute lunch bags, I think at Target...I had a back pack style one...but I know what you mean about picking the right lunch box. Very important decision.

  12. Love the new cut! Very cute :) Suits your bubbly, bouncy personality!
    I had a very different experience at the salon this week. My daughter treated me to a new cut and highlights. The lights were dimmer than what I'm used to, the walls resembled an Italian villa, all aged and washed, and the mirrors angled in such a way as to show just enough to flatter the person in front of it. The room where they wash hair was darker still, soft music playing, and the hair wash/head massage almost put me to sleep. I have never sat in such a comfortable salon washing chair before! I'd like to transport the entire salon to Argentina with me :)
    Still getting used to the new cut and trying to style it myself. Do you have that problem? I can never get it to look like the stylist did.
    I've been using a product that -- within 90 days -- is supposed to visibly reduce wrinkles. So far I'm not seeing much progress and it's been just about 90 days. I'm beginning to think it only works on those young'uns in their early 30s whose wrinkles are barely registering on the wrinkle scale. Mine are approaching crevice-like status. And they don't just appear in the corners of my eyes -- they have spread over the forehead, marched above the upper lip and criss-crossed the cheeks, leaving virtually no area untouched. When I smile I remind myself of those little troll dolls.
    One Kings Lane is featuring "Picnic at Ascot" products on sale right now and they have a super cute cooler lunch bag with a side zipper than holds silverware and cute little salt and pepper shakers. It's only $15. It's 7"x10.25"x8" -- is that about the right size? Just go to onekingslane.com and scroll down to the Picnic in Ascot photo. I was drooling over their things yesterday -- am thinking the picnic cooler bags for 2 or 4 would make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts...

  13. I did not know we were limited in length of comments, but I just wrote an apparently too long one and got a nasty little note from blogger when I tried to post it.
    So I guess I'll write a couple of comments to say all I want to say.
    First off -- super cute cut! It suits your bubbly and bouncy personality :)
    I also got a new cut this week. Daughter treated me to a cut and highlights. I'd like to transport the entire salon to Argentina with me! Oooo-la-la! It was definitely the nicest I've ever been in, and they've got the right idea -- dimmer lights than usual, walls that resemble aged and washed Italian villas, small mirrors that are angled to flatter the person in front of them... And the room where they take you to wash your hair is almost dark with soft music playing; they give you a wonderful head massage along with the wash and their chairs in there are the most comfortable I've ever sat in!!! Seriously an amazing experience I'd love to repeat again and again :)

  14. About the lunch bag... One Kings Lane is currently featuring Picnic at Ascot products on sale at half price. So their cooler lunch bags are only $15 right now and they have a side zipper pocket with silverware and little salt and pepper shakers. Too cute! They are 7" x 10.25" x 8" -- is that about the right size? You can go to onekingslane.com and scoll down to the Picnic in Ascot photo. I was drooling over their things yesterday. Thinking the picnic cooler bags for 2 or 4 would make really great wedding or anniversary gifts.

  15. I wonder away from the blog world for a week and you change your blog header... and your hair. I like the new look.

    Congrats on the 3.2 pounds! I need to do something about the weight I gained when I was out of work...


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