Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Three

The star of this week is a wily squirrel – made me laugh out loud. But that’s not until Saturday…

Sunday, May 29th
We haven’t given up on my tomato seedlings, but we decided to get some more mature plants just in case.

Monday, May 30th
Here are a few more pictures from our ramble through the fen. Go here to see some of the others.

Tuesday, May 31st  
The cement pond did a brisk business this week.

Wednesday, June 1st
I stopped to take some pictures of wildflowers that I pass on my commute to work. Makes me smile every day.

Thursday, June 2nd       
The Tax Time Pig dressed for Memorial Day. Semper Fi! Although I’m pretty sure he’s not a Marine.

Our first hummingbird picture of the season!

Friday, June 3rd   
The State of the Bug. I was trying to capture the glazed look I had after doing some online training at work. But really I just look psycho.

I got to follow this for a short stretch on the way home from work – what’s with the farm equipment on my commute? That’s usually Dr. M’s dealio.

Downy headed woodpeckers enjoying our new nut block. I read the ingredients – I would have been eating it too if Dr. M wouldn’t have thought I was crazy. Heh.

I thought this would be the squirrel of the week, but no.

Saturday, June 4th
Dr. M posted these pictures on Facebook this morning. I’m just going to post them with the captions he used.
The Jungle Squirrel stalks its prey...


Munches on fruit and nuts...

Looks at me as if to say "What?"

And sulks off as I go out to relocate the woodpecker treat, laughing out loud!

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  1. Yes, squirrel's great. But that second picture. Is that a snake? A snake?!!!

  2. There's nothing like the taste of home-grown maters. I miss my veggie garden.

  3. Oh, those squirrels! I need to get a pic of mine hanging upside down and guzzling from my hummingbird feeder! It's hilarious until they get angry that it's empty and destroy it!

  4. flower identification of the week...coreopsis.

    those are the best squirrel pics. what a character.

  5. oh my word, the squirrels were the stars for sure! Is that first one scratching it's hiney?!!!

  6. Loved the birds, the flowers, the squirrels and the pig of course. Your pictures all made me smile. What was the black bird with the red tip on his wing?

  7. Okay, yes the squirrel at the end is definitely the star of the week. And I can't tell what branch of the armed forces the pig is from either. Love the hummingbird pic!

  8. I;m a sucker for humming bird pictures. So pretty. I love that you stopped to take pictures of the wildflowers you pass every day. Great job, as always, with the photos!

  9. there's that pig again

    i want a pig

    fun post

  10. I think I love that pig.

    You get the best pictures of your outdoor life. This week, I missed the goldfinch, cardinal and all black squirrel with the biggest and bushiest blond tail. I need to wear my camera outside!

  11. We did the same thing with buying some mature tomato plants. The weather just didn't cooperate this year, did it? And it does let you enjoy the tomatoes about a month earlier!

    That shot of the red winged blackbird in flight is AMAZING!!!

    And the squirrel hanging from the feeder is just too funny!

  12. LOL about the squirrel pics :)

    LOVING your photos. I too often stop and photograph the wild flowers that I drive past each day. So pretty!

  13. Really loving the bird pics. They're always so clear and vibrant.

    And I love your "State of.." photo this week. It probably looks a lot like my face as I get notes back re: students who attempted to graduate yet mysteriously managed to fail the class(es) they needed.

  14. LOVE hummingbirds!!! I've seriously got to get my feeders out!

    Squirrels are amazing creatures. Just wow.

  15. Oh if my Oskar would have seen that squirrel, he would have lost his tiny mind!

    Have a great week,

  16. you get the best pictures of squirrels & birds... so fun!

    Yes - I had to laugh at your "gazed" look!!! :)

  17. Squirrel's too funny!!!!

    I want a Bird bath in my yard something awful, mu next purchase I think!

    Great week!

  18. Amazing critter action pics--scurying, flying, slithering, flitting, bathing, posing...I'm sure I missed some.
    So, how do you to it? You could make a most fantastic nature photo book.
    Your cross-eyed look made me smile ;)

  19. GREAT shots of the wily squirrel! LOL

    I don't know, I do think you achieved the glazed-look-after-too-much-online-training :) Love your hair, btw.


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