Monday Miscellany

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day… I stole that from a friend’s Facebook status update from this morning. Actually though, I’m having a pretty good Monday. I just have the song in my head & thought I would share. You’re welcome. So, on to the miscellany!

It feels like I’m posting a LOT these days. Does it seem that way to you? Do you look at your blog reader & think, “Will she ever just SHUT UP?” Humph. Well maybe I’ll take tomorrow off. We’ll see.

I was commenting on another blog last week about how I don’t care if the toothpaste tube is squeezed from the middle or bottom, just as long as we squeeze every last drop out of it. But I remember a day in the distant past when it was very important to me that the toothpaste be squeezed from the bottom. Huge deal. Although I didn’t care what Dr. M did – I just spent extra time every evening making sure it was the way I liked it. I was trying to remember when I stopped caring & I think it was when I started flossing regularly. Who has time to police the toothpaste when you have to spend all these extra minutes or seconds flossing?

I kept losing my cane this weekend. I would be in the bedroom looking around & realize I’d left it in the bathroom. I don’t want to totally abandon it just yet because I kind of walk like a duck without it & I don’t want to learn any bad walking habits. But soon. Soon.

And speaking of my recent surgery (I know, I think I promised last week to quit yapping about it), I’ve lost my most reliable excuse for getting out of work. “You know, I would help with the pancake breakfast, but I’m just not able to be on my feet that long.” “I would vacuum out my car, but it’s just impossible, what with the hip pain.” “I would take a walk around the neighborhood, but I’m just afraid I couldn’t make it around the block.” Well, little missy, what are you going to say now? Admit your abiding laziness, or just woman up & do things? Hmmm?

I went to the café at work this morning fully intending to get a 1000 calorie muffin, or some chocolate covered almonds. Or maybe a honey bun. I walked out with a banana and fat free yogurt. Wha??? I would just like to say welcome to the alien in my head, can you stay awhile please?

Okay. Done now.


  1. Well, dang. Now you'll have to come up with another excuse.

  2. Oh wait. I meant to say that no you are not posting too much. I look at two blogs where I swear they post three times a day!

  3. i walked in planning to get a cupcake and, oh, i got one:)

  4. Too funny! And you are still in RECOVERY. So they just can't expect you to be on your feet at the pancake breakfast or vacuum the car. Your recent surgery still has some mileage. Don't give it up yet.

    Kudos on the fruit and yogurt.

  5. You know, any other day, any other day of the week is fine...

    Loved the Mamas and the Papas.

    I agree with the Mountain Woman. You should still tell people you're in recovery. We wouldn't want you overdoing it now, would we?

  6. Your conscious mind wanted a muffin, but your subconscious wanted that banana and yogurt!

  7. Hey, be careful about duck walking. It's important to keep the hip joint straight, not just for the hip, but also for your KNEE. Be very cognizant of keeping your feet and leg straight, even in bed. Don't turn that foot out. (I speak from experience--said the chick with a titanium screw in her leg.)

    On another note--your Frequent Posting is shaming me terribly. Here I am, retired, and I barely manage to post weekly. Must. Try. Harder.

  8. I really like the alien analogy. I wish I could keep mine for a couple of months. Mine is WAY too fickle.

    Glad to hear that your list of excuses is shrinking...this means you are healing :)

  9. woohoo good job on the healthy choices...smiles....blame the alien as your next excuse...smiles. mondays are really hit and miss for me...kinda like flossing...

  10. Love your breakfast- you are too good!


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