Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Miscellany – Or, Not, Actually

No miscellany today – sorry! I was intrigued by this week’s Magpie prompt & thought I’d write some obscure paean to snakes or some such. But then the poem took a totally different turn, as they often do. Please go here to read other responses to the prompt.

Please note: I am not PMSing right now, but this is a good representation of what it’s like when I am. Heh.

The Snake Charmer, Henri Rousseau, 1907

I don’t want to be charmed
or sigh with love.
There is that damned tree again
just begging to be scaled.
I sit with my back to the trunk
watching the moon through
leaves and unnamed dread.
I refuse to name it
because it is legion
and there aren’t enough words.
Rising from mossy ground
I wrap Legion around my neck.
I am going to carry it
with me today
and people will cross
to the other side of the street
in fear and loathing.
See? I knew that no one liked me.


  1. cant believe i am saying this but maybe you should PMS more if this is what comes out of it...ha...really like...esp all the references and use of language...legion...yes....cross the a nice subtle one...

  2. Wish I could wear Legion as a mantle of protection against the hordes.

  3. Pretty impressive PMS! Hope things are good with you Bug:)

  4. Mind if I wrap Legion around my neck a while?

  5. So brave to place it around your neck, even in self defence. An interesting take on the prompt!

  6. Very niiice! I really like snakes, personally and would have no problem wearing Legion round my next if it kept the door to door salesmen away!

  7. I adore you first line! Wonderfuly creative take on the photo.

  8. I wonder would I be that brave to wrap a legion around my neck...You have guts:)
    Super Magpie!

  9. I love this one...
    "...and there aren't enough words."

    best line ever.

  10. That's some imagery. Yikes!

  11. That's some imagery. Yikes!

  12. Ah! PMSing -- me, I get sensitive and see ridiculous beauty in everything; but my sister?! My sister wants to beat things up.


    LOVE the poem.


  13. Wow...! You are amazing.

    Your poem describes exactly how I am feeling today.

    I love your new avatar, but the way. Cute as a bug's ear. :-)

  14. I can so relate to this! Brilliant!

  15. Yes this was me when in the throes of PMS. Brilliantly descibed.

    Anna :o]

  16. Goodness - what a way to make people keep their distance! LOL

  17. oh wowie......such talent
    loved it truly

  18. Avoid the moon definitely! Although I would also be inclined to avoid snakes. The accessory that makes others cross however - I am all for that.
    Well done.

  19. snakes are innocent creatures,

    not every one likes everyone,
    not everyone is liked by all.

    unique voice, be proud of your own strength.

  20. I get uncontrollably annoyed (and then some) when I PMS, so I totally relate to this. Very well done.


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