Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poetry Jam - the One about the Drugs...

Lilu over at Poetry Jam has challenged us to write about prescription drugs. I've written perhaps the worst poem I've ever written - no really, it's fairly horrid. I wish I could blame some prescription drugs, but as you can see at the end that isn't the case. Go here to read what will probably be some excellent poetry on the subject.

I'd like to apologize for the poem on another level. I know that there are a lot of people for whom prescription drugs are a real problem. And I always assumed that if I was ever given access to the right narcotic it would be a problem for me too.

Farewell Little Pill

I don’t drink or smoke dope
in case that would be the rope
to hang myself in addiction.

But my recent hospital stay
found me eager to say
please wipe away this affliction.

I welcomed the narcotic.
Its effects were quite cathartic.
My pain was drowned in sweet relief.

But I was fairly bemused
and (when awake) was confused
by the appeal of this stuff on the street.

It eased the pain in my hip
and when the pain was gone I quit.

The End.

In an oxycontin haze...


  1. You are hilarious! Love the picture, it says it all.

    When you have just had hip replacement surgery, pain meds take away the pain. When you aren't in pain, they make you high - and happy, or so I'm told. I've never had to take them, thank you God!!

  2. haha...i hear you...not big on drugs of any sort but when they shattered my tooth to get it out...i was all about vicodine...for a couple days...

  3. Sometimes, there is better living through chemistry. I don't know what I'd do without morphine in my life...and I have never once taken this drug. However, it is a staple in my arsenal in my personal battle to wipe out pain and suffering wherever I may find it lurking.

    Your hospice nurse pal,

    Nurse Rudee

  4. Dana, you are a hoot!
    Broke my foot a couple years ago and had sweet dreams with help from Tylenol with Codeine, so I hear ya! Glad to read that you've quit! :)

  5. This is pretty funny. I took pain meds when I had my lung removed... cause that hurt, but like you I didn't see the appeal of taking them once I was healed.

  6. Made me laugh! Quite a lot, actually.

  7. oh, that hazy picture!
    me too, I shouldn't give myself too many opportunities to find my rope. solitaire & sudoku and one more episode of whatever's on are bad enough.

  8. Dear Bug
    your super drug poem says what most of us realise
    drugs are excellent for their purpose.
    Yes, it would be pretty scary to be a drug addict --but that would be another story entirely.
    Thank you for liking my funny little poem.

    I was also interested in your account of 9/11 below.
    Yes, I do get a bit teary remembering that day.
    It was horribly traumatic and sad.
    And I do wish they would say "God bless EVERYONE!"

  9. I understand what you are saying. Out of twelve months in a year. I am in hospital for pain at least five or six times. The pain is great and my will small. Yet I return to writing every time. One must never give up.


  10. How good are you to allow someone to take your pic at that time...but it says all glad you had your drugs!!

  11. I did not think this was a terrible poem at all. I love the first stanza, actually and the poem as a whole works. I hate taking drugs (now, though not always the case) but I do appreciate them when I've needed them for pain.

    I trust you are feeling much better than when the photo was taken. It's a hoot, but I know didn't feel like it at the time.

  12. Humorous take on a painful subject! Well done! ♥


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