Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This is another one of those tongue-in-cheek Thankful Thursdays, well not totally, but a couple of my thanksgivings are just a clever way to whine. You’ve been warned!

  • First of all, however, is something that’s totally heartfelt & not a whine. Do you believe in the power of prayer? I’ve often felt impotent as I prayed, although I just as often felt a deep sense of peace afterward. But I haven’t really thought of myself as an object of prayer & in fact the portion of my evening prayers where I ask God to help me is the most brief. It just feels wrong somehow. But I believe that my peace of mind going into surgery, the success of that surgery & the ease (so far) of my recovery are totally due to all the prayers that friends & family, and even some of you, offered up on my behalf. So thank you. And thank God!
  • Speaking of that recovery, I went online to determine when it might be ok to ditch the cane and read where one surgeon was excited that his patients were cane-free after four months. Four months! Today marks the one month anniversary of my surgery & I was thinking about ditching my cane next week! So, here’s my backhanded thankfulness: I’m glad that I have permission to not rush my recovery. Maybe I’ll dial it down a notch.
  • And speaking of canes, I’m thankful that today walking into work it was only misty & not raining. I can’t figure out how to manage a cane & an umbrella, so yesterday I got soaked walking out to my car in the steady rain. Also, free tip: don’t put lotion on your hands & then walk in the rain with a cane. It was kind of slippery.
  • And to end on a truly thankful note, I’m thankful that the 2nd ultrasound (which I had before my surgery) only turned up something small & not worth messing with & that otherwise everything is just fine in there. So, no kidney or uterus problems for me. I plan to not have any other tests or issues for at least another year. It’s Dr. M’s turn to give our health insurance a run for its money!
OK, that’s enough for now. What are you thankful for today?

P.S. Maybe next week I’ll talk about something other than my health!


  1. Here here! Well done, you.

    As for using a cane, you'll know when it's time. Many people who have their hips replaced are much older and more frail than you are. It won't be four months, ok?

  2. You need to get you one of those umbrella hats.

    I'm thankful my house wasn't consumed by wildfire.

  3. Justin complains about the rain/cane issue as well. Today is the one-year anniversary of his accident, so I know what you mean about actually *feeling* prayer work!!

  4. I'd be very grateful if you popped across to my In Tandem blog, and contemplated writing me a little poem before next Thursday! LOL How's that for cheek? Now you can be grateful I don't do this kind of thing very often! hehehe!

  5. Well I'm thankful that you check it out before you ditched that cane, lol!

    I'm thankful that the gift I gave my neighbor in the spurr of the moment really lifted her spirits.


  6. Yesterday i was thankful for a new tune to practice on my sax as practising the same ones gets rather dull

    Today i am thankful for reading your blog and for the upcoming weekend :)

  7. I like good news. Glad to hear you have plenty!

  8. I'm thankful for a 24/7 God who commands us to pray -- not because he needs us, but because we need him.

    God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.

    Great news about that recovery. Yes, of course you have permission to dial it back a bit. Give your body time to heal properly. You'll be dancin' before you know it!

  9. Glad to hear you're doing well! And yeah, hand lotion and a cane sounds like a bad combination. Definitely take the recovery slow and don't rush your body. I'm sure your doctors can guide you on when you can expect to leave the cane behind. (I would think every individual is different, so maybe it won't be four whole months.)


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