Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 Project 365 – Week Thirty-Seven

Tomorrow is a pretty important anniversary in the United States. I have a post ready to go – one of those “where were you when it happened” posts. So come back tomorrow if you’re interested. It’s also the birthday of one of my best friends – she’s someone who helped get me where I am today (married to Dr. M – she introduced us. Heh.). Since tomorrow’s post is going to be all serious I wanted to wish KJ a very happy birthday today. Guess what? Your card is going to be late. Imagine that?

Sunday, September 4th   
On Saturday Dr. M & I headed to one of our very favorite places – Lake Erie – Port Clinton, Ohio to be exact. Go here and here to read all about the polka festival & see more pictures. I was only going to put one here, but you know how it goes… These fuzzy flowers were everywhere – aren’t they interesting?

Marblehead Lighthouse. We have so many pictures of this lighthouse it’s kind of embarrassing.


Monday, September 5th
Just one picture of the lake – it was very atmospheric day on Monday. The temperature dropped considerably.

Dr. M did a turn around the old estate when we got home & found this growing on the fence behind the garage – lovely! I think it’s sweet autumn clematis, entwined with our cypress vine. Reminds me of a Christmas decoration. The clematis smells divine.

Tuesday, September 6th  
Dr. M took a picture of a couple of our tomatoes. They don’t want to ripen on the vine, but they’re doing a fine job on the kitchen table.

Our impatiens hanging basket is OUT. OF. CONTROL! Goodness!

Wednesday, September 7th  
Finally – the Tax Time Pig. It’s still blurry – sorry.

My hip card arrived in the mail. It’s what I provide to airport security if the buzzer goes off.

Thursday, September 8th        
Dr. M took this picture of a couple of fawns near his school.

He found this flower just over the fence in our back yard.

Friday, September 9th
The State of the Bug. Corporate asked us to wear red, white & blue to commemorate 9/11. I’m a good little office drone, so I did. Ha.

Isn’t this a nice picture of our backyard jungle?

But, there’s something lurking in there - & she looks annoyed!

Critter on the yarrow.

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Purple Peppers.

Yellow peppers (that are still green) going to town.

A bug!

Our basil has bolted. Heh.

Saturday, September 10th
Dr. M sat outside this morning and got this great picture of our hummingbird.

The weekly squirrel (whew – I knew you were wondering if we’d forget!).

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!


  1. Well....I did not know that you can have a card made up to go through security. Great to hear you are doing so well. Don't over do it though!

  2. Great set of shots - I think I like the lakeside best, atmospheric indeed. And your very own hip card! Cool.

  3. great pics as usual. my basil bolted almost as soon as I planted it last spring. I kept pinching off the buds hoping it would give up and grow again. stopped growing and just sent up bud after bud no matter how many times I pinched it off. finally just let it bloom and now it's dead.

  4. Some lovely shots - the yarrow and the hummingbird are really striking to me. I too take heaps of images of something, if it interests me, so don't be worried about your lighthouse pics.

    Tax time pig rocks!

  5. OMG I had no idea they issued hip replacement cards for airport security. What an eyeopener. What a world we live in.

    You know I love that pig.

  6. One of my biggest disappointments this summer was the lack of fresh tomatoes. it got so hot that they all burned up...even the farmers market was sad.

    Love the lack shots!

    And I have no herbs...Only the rosemary seemed to survive the heat this year!

  7. that would be I love the "lake" shots...not lack shots!!!

  8. I love the lighthouse pic & the one of momma cardinal. Have a great week.

  9. Red is a good color on you.

    Your purple peppers look divine. Your entire garden looks beautiful.

  10. purple peppers?!?

    I find it amusing that you have a security clearance card for your hip.

    love the pig this week!

  11. Okay, I love the pig.

    Please to tell more about the purple peppers. This is the first time I have seen one. What do they taste like?

  12. ok - so fans of the Tax Time Pig are happy to see him back again today.

    Secondly - those are big tomatoes

    Thirdly - loving the lighthouse :)

  13. Wonderful shots as always. I loved the flowers on the fence...and the lighthouse the best....of course that is above the birds, flowers, and squirrel pictures I look forward to every week. I enjoy your shots so much.

  14. Love the hummingbird! You are the first person I've known with a hip card...the things you never think about!

  15. Love the labor day pig!!! Where do they come up with these ideas? Glad you are doing well after surgery. Do you glow in the dark too? LOL

  16. You do look very festive in your red white and blue. The best three colors to combine in all the world :) God Bless America! I had a similar card for a while that I had to carry around after I had my radioactive iodine treatment. Gosh those tomatoes are HUGE. They look so yummy too.

  17. love the picture of your hummingbird... my lil' red, white, and blue friend!! ;D

  18. That is crazy about the card you have to show going through a metal Great pics of Port Clinton and the lake...I wish it would cool down here; I am so tired of being hot and gross!

  19. purple peppers???? Hmm... are they sweet? I've never had one!

    Look at you in your red, white & blue! :)

    You seem so "official" with your hip card :)

  20. Love all your veggie picture. I just pulled up all my veggies, they were all dead and totally done. The only thing I have left are the peppers. We have had so little rain that everything is looking a bit tired!

    I am trying to decide if planting a fall crop of lettuce and spinach is a good idea given the rash of bunnies we have had. I don't want to cause another burst in population with the abundant food source....


  21. I'm oohing and aahing over all your nature pics, makes it hard to settle on one or two comments. I soooo wanted to smell the clematis.
    Pig pic--great!
    I wonder if something like that will happen to our town Garfield?

    BTW, dear Bug, if you try to arrange a meeting with Kim, my SIL, please include me! :)


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