Friday, September 23, 2011

Fictional Jam

Barbara at the Poetry Jam has given us this prompt:

...It's the details of those made-up worlds that get me buzzed. What would Scarlet O'Hara's curtain dress smell like? (or the inside of the Trojan horse) What would an adult, looking out the kitchen window, see when we know Snoopy is at this typewriter? Give us a little something that never made it into the story. Awful. Wonderful. Awfully silly.

Here's my (awfully) silly response :)

Mary’s Desk

She thought she could
probably just fit
(dried up gum
brushing her hair).
Sinking below the
cacophony she
closed her eyes.
It smelt of shoes
and chalk and paste
and, distressingly,
it smelt a bit
like wool.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Go here. And go here to read other responses to the prompt.


  1. The wool must have been from a Shetland sheep. Particularly stinky, but yet to a fiber artist, they smell earthy and sweet.


  2. the gum "brushing" her hair makes me giggle

  3. Oh, I do like this.
    I've had the same feeling way too many times. (but wet dog more often than wool)

  4. Not an average school desk, then! LOL

  5. I was cleaning chairs recently in church; and when I dusted the underneath of one I found an ancient plug of gum---yuk. I do like the smell of leather and sweet hay dusted damp wool- Thanks.

  6. Wonderful! At least it didn't smell like roasted lamb!

  7. where oh where did her lambs, the cafeteria food will be high class today...

  8. This poem reminded me of old school lunches left in bags out in the heat on a school verandah which has nothing to do with Mary had a little lamb.I sense something odd in your Mary...I think she did something bad to to that lamb:)


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