Thankful Thursday

A friend of mine was talking about doing Thankful Thursdays again, which made me think that a little thanksgiving wouldn’t be a bad thing. Although, as is usual with me, some most of my thankfulness is a bit tongue in cheek.

For example, I just took another hair-related State of the Bug picture. And I’m thankful that despite the fact that I still seem to be shedding about a cup of hair a day (really!), and despite the fact that sometimes the top of my head feels tingly & chilled for no good reason, I can find NO evidence that my hair is thinning. I know I’ve mentioned this before & promised to quit talking about it, but I’m amazed at how big a deal this is for me. Frankly I’m about ready to just chop it all off so I can quit obsessing (not really).

I’m ever so thankful that something Dr. M said last night replaced the Dreidel Song in my head with Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these songs I’m not going to enlighten you. You’re welcome. But, really, of the two, the Wham song is a much better ear worm (especially because George Michael’s voice is infinitely preferable to Cartman’s!).

I’m so thankful that we bought our futon, what – 15 years ago? It’s been a great place for naps, and for surgical recovery nests, and last night it was a respite for me when I couldn’t get settled in bed. Rather than continue to thrash around & wake up Dr. M, I headed out to the living room and nestled into the space where the seat meets the back & stretched my twitchy legs out as far as they would go and fell asleep within minutes. It’s better than a sleeping pill.

I’m thankful that our choir director doesn’t throw things at us, he’s patient and good at figuring out how to help us sing better, and that the whole point of a choir is that it’s ok if your voice isn’t fabulous as long as you’re on the right note at the right time (sinus issues are clogging up my voice these days).

I love that we’re singing John Rutter’s arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth because it reminds me that we’re stewards of God’s creation & would it kill me to quit buying so many packaged things?

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Yes! Just over 15 years ago. We took the honking big, worn-out couch to GW, bought the scratch and ding discount frame at one of the big stores in Asheville Mall (Montgomery Ward?), and the first futon and that gorgeous cover at a futon shop downtown. We replaced the futon awhile back with an identical one, and added one of those memory foam pads. It's been wonderful!

  2. I am thankful for THAT photo you posted as I was JUST THERE yesterday and bought Honey Crisps! DELICIOUS!

  3. Yes - Montgomery Ward - ha!

    Jill - that is too funny. I just ate my last jonathan apple from there this morning :)

  4. I'm thankful that you continue to write interesting blogs and take great pictures. Makes my day!

  5. the smell of homemade's fall so time to bring on the bread baking!

    Twitchie legs..HATE THAT!


  6. Great post!! I LOVE Rutter. In fact I just pulled out for my High School Chours his arrangement of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We will see.

  7. I'm thankful for the glorious, Autumn weather we're having. I think I'll go jump in some leaves.

  8. Oh, I love our futon too. when we were still living in the city is was our living room couch and when the g'kids slept over we all piled on and had a slumber party. I have spent many night sleeping on it when I couldn't get comfortable in bed or Marc was snoring before I fell asleep. Now, we have a new couch here at the country house which is also very comfy and I love to sleep on it sometimes better than in bed. still have the futon but it has been relegated to the back room which becomes the spare room when the g'kids visit out here.

  9. We are filling the landfills with that plastic packaging, aren't we? They over package everything these days. I can't believe it sometimes. And how are we supposed to get into some of those things without injuring ourselves? This is one of my pet peeves.

    I get those twitchy legs, too. All the women in my family have that problem. Finding another place to land in the middle of the night is helpful and definitely something to be grateful for.

    I'm grateful that my grandchildren are coming for a visit tomorrow.

    Another great post from The Bug!!! And I'm grateful for that, too.

  10. I'm thinking a futon for our bonus room over the garage. We never finished it when we moved here and I want something up there that one COULD sleep on if needed. Love John Rutter too and we've sang For the Beauty of the Earth as well. :c) I'm thankful for the Bug's Blog.

  11. I am thankful that I got up this morning on the top side of the ground. I am thankful for your pictures...they make my week. I am thank ful that I have a loving family, an all powerful God, a job, somewhere to live, and food to eat.

  12. I love that photo! I'm thankful for lots of things. Geez, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I guess I'm thankful to just be here and healthy and alive, first and foremost!


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