Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Storm Is Coming

The four horsemen of the
Modern apocalypse are
Congregated in my head.
Ignorance and Disdain
Gaze balefully
At their brothers,
Apathy and Greed.
A storm is coming.
A storm is coming.
And these four
Callous equestrians
Will be no help.

The table is empty now.
The feast table is laid bare.
Gone, the bread,
Gone, the cup,
Gone the voice
Singing in my head,
“Just as I am, I come, I come.”

Four sets of hooves
Scatter compassion
East West North South.
If you look hard enough
You can find it buried
In the Book of Common Prayer
Huddled between
The Psalter and
The Catechism.

If you look hard enough
You can find it buried
Inside your own heart.


  1. Quite an evocative poem. I don't recall you composing anything this bleak. Perhaps a reflection on this dreadful storm? I hope everything is okay.

  2. I think it's the storm and the election - and a sort of play on the fact that I'm sure that some people are saying that the storm is some kind of statement from God about our evil (read: liberal) nation. And I was trying very hard to not tie it up with a bow this time :)

  3. Mother Nature can be a fearsome thing. I prefer her to be calm, but when she is all churned up, it's something to behold. Perhaps we should have spent a bit of time discussing the environment this year, too. We should and can be better stewards of this earth.

    Yes, Bug, I feel the anxiety, too, from weather, from uncertainty and not a little fear about our future.

  4. I like this Dana! I will have to reread it a few more times.

  5. first time visiting/commenting on your blog. This poem is really, really good! The imagery in it is outstanding. I especially am drawn to the stanza that begins with "the table is empty now". Haunting words beautifully written!


  6. Ignorance, disdain, apathy, and greed. The four horsemen indeed..


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