Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Inspired by Bekah, I'm doing Thankful Thursday again this week. It's always a good idea to review the good things in life.
·        I'm glad my boss is back from his business trip - I was getting kind of tired of my own company.
·        I'm not a huge fan of cold weather (and I'm not a huge fan of hot weather either - just call me Ms. Tepid, but no spewing please), BUT I'm glad we put the electric blanket back on the bed last night. Not for its electric purposes (although I will appreciate those in winter), but because it's the most comfortable blanket ever & I have missed it.
·       I'm glad I don't have to diagram the above two sentences.
·       Here's another example of back-handed thankfulness: I'm thankful that I'm done caring about baseball for another season. I'm pretty disappointed, and I promise to not pull for anyone else's team just in case. Although I WILL pull for the Yankees (see how I'm using reverse jinxology here?).
·       I’m glad our mums have been doing so well this year (I just watered them so they’re on my mind). Here, look at this pretty picture:

OK, that’s enough for this week. Go Yankees! 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I don't think they teach kids how to diagram sentences anymore. Probably why everyone has so much trouble with grammar these days.

  2. I'm thankful that a study found a direct correlation between a country's chocolate consumption and the number of nobel prize winners from that country!

    Look here if you need an excuse to's the New England Journal of Medicine!

  3. Well now, I'm thankful the debate went well. I'm thankful the Tigers aren't out yet, though I was shocked that after I fell asleep last night, they blew a 2-0 lead forcing game 5.

  4. I'm greatful that for the first time in ages Mrs. C. has no scheduled medical procedures.

  5. Your mums are beautiful. Remember diagramming sentences? I don't think they do that anymore.

    I felt bad when your team lost. I don't pay much attention to sports but I really did think of you. :(

  6. Love those mums. They are beautiful.

  7. Just popped over from Mr Chubby Chatterbox's blog to say I'm very thankful that although our house was broken into nothing was damaged or taken. ;)

  8. I'm thankful for time and Parkinson's Law.

    And for being headache-free for the first time in 10 days! (It was a tough, tough stretch.)

    And for you and The Professor's willingness to share your photos (for those of us who just don't take pix).

  9. Good! Keep yelling for the hated Yankees! I'm counting on your hexing power.

  10. Those mums are such a beautiful color, and of course you captured them in lovely afternoon light (or early morning--same angles and shadows!)

    I think thankfulness is where we find it, and it's nobody's business to agree or disagree with your gratitude. Rock it any way you can!

  11. Your mums are so pretty. I am thankful I woke up today.

  12. I just love you girlfriend. You keep me laughing. :c)
    Thankful for you today.


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