Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on 10

I finally remembered to participate in the 10 on 10 meme (which I'm not linking to because I don't even know if it's a real thing, but I think it's interesting to see other people do it so I'm joining in, amen). (I'm in a strange mood tonight - it involves choir practice where we started learning our next anthem Hallelujah to the Saints, which is a melding of the Hallelujah Chorus & When the Saints Go Marching In & leaves me in giggles by the end - So. Much. Fun!).

Anyway, I had a very boring day, mostly, because my boss was out of the office, so apart from putting out some (not literal) fires it was really quiet. As you will see.

I am so my mother! She always had to put her drinks in the freezer for a while before drinking them. I don't do coffee, so this is my morning caffeine.

It was still kinda dark as I left home.

Clocking in.

Ran an errand at my lunch hour & passed this restaurant. It's hard to tell, but the spider on the left has a Cincinnati Reds hat & the one on the right has Bengals colors.


Calling Dr. M to let him know I'm on my way home from work. We wore Reds gear today in support of the hometown team in the playoffs. I wonder what that stain is on my seat belt? 

Dr. M had the game on when I got home. They lost :(

I counted how many dishcloths I have made - 18 so far. These will be Christmas presents, so family members should avert their eyes.

I forgot to take a picture of choir practice, so I took one of my "choir bag."

A great evening for a fire in the fire pit!


  1. So this 10 on 10 thing is what...ten pictures of your throughout the day? Kinda neat!

    My husband drinks the same stuff for his caffeine. No offense, but I prefer coffee. Any kind of soda makes me shudder.

    I love your choir bag!

  2. Those are dishcloths? They look too wooly, more like oven mitts. Very pretty though. Homemade gifts are always the best.

  3. I don't think Stephen would like those as oven mitts, but he does make a nice recovery with the homemade gifts being the best. They are the best. And if you change your mind about gifting them, you could just crochet them all together and make an afghan to wear on your laps when you sit around the fire!

  4. Fun pics. I like your choir bag too.

  5. Y'know what, pal? You gotta lot of crazy friends!

  6. Ha! Yes, lots of crazy friends, one of whom made that bag. Thanks, Sister Kim! The dishrags are the best, and they will not be sewn into an afghan, Rudee ;-) The fire pit is so much fun. The Reds lost :-( Baseball aside, autumn is gorgeous up here on the hem of the lone prairie...enjoy where you are :-D

  7. I think those dishcloths are way too nice to be used as dishcloths!

  8. The 10 on 10 is a great idea. Of course, I probably won't remember next month...unless I put it on my calendar. But then I'd have to remember to look on my calendar!

  9. Mary - I did put it on my calendar - my WORK calendar, which I have to look at - ha!

    The dishcloths take 2-3 hours to make, so they are easily replaceable. They're really the only kind I use anymore (especially because we don't have a dishwasher).

    I talk more about my choir bag on this post (there are better pics of it too):

  10. I always forget to do it too!!!

    My mom does the freezer thing too - what's up with that?

    Oh yeah - dishclothes make the BEST gifts! Know what I did one year - when Bath & Body Works have those mega sales - get some hand soap & tie it with a few washclothes & its the perfect gift!

  11. I put it on my calendar, too. The fire looks so warm and cozy!

    Yay for quiet days!!

  12. I get what Stephen means; they do look like potholders. And I really need potholders, come to think of it.

    Which, did you ever notice, the cooks on Food Network steadfastly refuse to use?! They use dishtowels, which to me, are awkward.

    I'm a big fan of a chubby potholder.

  13. My aunt used to make those dishcloths for all of us for Christmas. They're great.

    I can feel that fire. Nice.

  14. I love the variation in this post. And I had no idea Sundrop was still around!

  15. Eek! I'm so behind on blogs. If I don't get to mine I don't seem to get to anyone else's either. Bad girl!

    Is this 10 meme thing about taking pictures at different times during the day? Or different places? Or, huh? Please elaborate. I like a photo challenge.

    I think that stain on your seatbelt is probably coffee. Or Sun Drop!


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