Thursday, October 25, 2012

Short Stories

It’s a good thing that I didn’t take the time to pull my hair back before I left for work this morning. That meant that when I had the eggsplosion in my car it mostly landed on my hair instead of my clothes. A quick rinse in the bathroom sink & I was good as new. Next time I fry an egg I’ll try to remember to poke the yolk to make sure it’s really done. My breakfast sandwich was tasty though – and aren’t eggs good for hair?

It’s been in the 70s this week & we even ran the air conditioner for a while last night. My question is why do we have to have global warming while I’m going through menopause? One would think that all menopausal women would unite & make all these governments do something about it! (Says the woman who drives 80 miles a day. Sigh.)

I had a nice talk with my cousin KJ yesterday & she laughed at me (laughed!) because I thought I was having a busy week. Just because she has two active teenage daughters & a full time chaplaincy job doesn’t mean that she can talk about busy. Well, maybe it does. For the record, in addition to all the other things I’m doing this week, I’m also doing altar set-up at church tomorrow. So, you know, I’ve had one extra thing to do every day this week. It’s outta control! When am I supposed to play Words with Friends & work my puzzles (not to mention crochet all those darn dishcloths)?

I feel like I’m reaching some sort of Zen-like state regarding politics. Everyone around me is screaming & I’m just moving toward election day calmly. Actually, the image I have in my head is when that awful Lord Beckett is walking down the stairs as his ship disintegrates around him in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Hmm – maybe since I have the image of a sinking ship in my head I’m not as calm as I think I am.

I wonder how people write whole posts about one subject? I’ve always known that I wouldn’t do well writing a novel, but this is ridiculous! Not that I’m feeling very “writey” anyway – yesterday I tried to write a poem about the time I stole a grape & my mom made me go back & pay the nice lady at the fruit stand a penny for it. I know it would have been a Fabulous Poem if only I could have found the right words.


  1. That reminds me! We haven't had a words with friends game for awhile. I must challenge you. I know our weather has been too hot for me. In the mid 80's. Bring on winter! Mentalpause is no fun. I wanted to live in a freezer sometimes.
    Being busy is good. :)

  2. That last paragraph is why writers say there job is one of the hardest in the world.

  3. Sometimes words, like grapes, need tome to ferment before they can become fine wine. The right words for your poem will emerge when they're ready.

  4. I never knew eggs would explode like that. I suppose I have just been fortunate.

    Maybe I should watch CNN for a few hours to experience an American political ad or two, if they play for me.

    I feel really busy in my little retired life too. Maybe I am just imagining it, but I don't think so.

    Haven't you already voted? The dye is cast. If Romney wins there is no hope for Canada. I wish we could vote for Obama, just to cheese off our Prime Minister who will turn into a Romney lackey, if Romney wins. I keep saying to myself... Romney will not win.

    Maybe if you added a whine/wine thing to your poem, it would add another dimension you could metaphor..... if you have time..... I will pray for support with your hope for staying balanced and calm.

    Thank you for sharing, Dana. I loved this visit with you. =D

  5. Eggsplosion -- ha!

    I think a Zen approach to the political scene is intrinsically healthy. I'm walking that path, too.

  6. personally i quite like "stream of consciousness" posts - but then i can never concentrate on one thing for long either

    When you said it's been in the 70s all week my initial thought was that the streets had suddenly filled with people in flares listening to ABBA

  7. I'm back in blogville for the next few days anyway. may have to do a short stories post of my own. (and I love that you picked that up).

    I voted last Wednesday. I don't know if it matters who wins (although a Romney presidency scares the shit out of me), this country is broken, too severely divided.

  8. I'm always baffled by the ebb and flow of the electorate. A new ad comes out, lies and all, and people change their candidate. Really? Can't they read and think for themselves? Apparently not. Oh well, whatever happens happens.


  9. Bug, you need to warn Linda not to look for our political ads on purpose. It's an experience she really doesn't want if she doesn't want to scar her brain.

    Frankly, I don't know how you're all calm about this whole election thing. I'm full to the brim with anxiety!

    Since I don't eat them, I guess I'm safe from eggsplosions.

  10. I like your new adjective, "writey." It's very flip and casual. I might steal it.

    If it were possible, I'd steal a bit of your heat flashes. The furnace here at the Dept. has been cranking (except for our few warm days, like yesterday) since the end of Sept. It is irritating to me, but I refuse to shiver in my own home. How maddening to look out and still see my porch and patio furniture, yet be bundled up inside. Urk.

    Ah, The Politics! At least the nation has finally recognized what a mess we're in here in The United States Of Ohio. Here's a quote that's very telling from Bloomberg:
    "It would take about 80 days of nonstop viewing to see all 58,235 of the typically 30-second Ohio presidential advertisements that have aired in the last month."

    Don't we know it!

  11. Busy is a relative word. Puleeze tell me you were not eating and driving. Perhaps you should scramble the eggs from now on.

  12. I'm so damn ready for it to be over already. Election day is Kent's birthday, so we'll try to focus on the celebration part instead of the hand wringing angst.

  13. Ok- I read a quote posted on one of my scrappy heroes Facebook page the other day- I don't remember the exact words, but basically, don't complain about being busy when "busy" is full of belssings. Thought I'd share!


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