Thursday, October 18, 2012

At Least We Don't Have Cow...*

[Note: This started out as Thankful Thursday, but quickly devolved into my usual brand of random.]

I have a new computer at work – it’s zip-e-dee-doo-dah-licious! I want to take it home with me. I have a history that, no matter what fabulous computer Dr. M arranges for me (he’s in charge of the technology in our home), within a very short period of time I make it slower than Christmas. I have a special touch. The new work one has been in my clutches for several days now however & still seems to be very fast. Maybe they’re making them impervious to my obstreperous magic.

Dr. M posted a fabulous rant on Facebook about how the Yankees seem to be the only team in baseball that will postpone a game under the threat of rain. It does seem somewhat ridiculous to me – it still wasn’t raining two hours after the game should have started. Where’s the John Madden of baseball when you need him? A little mud never hurt anyone.

I’ve been running walking very fast hither & thither lately – up and down the stairs at work, around the house (almost running down Dr. M who might be innocently hanging out in the hallway), down the street from the parking lot to church for choir practice…And I thought to myself yesterday – why, this is just how my mother always walked! Full speed ahead, short legs making short work of any distance she needed to travel. I was always jogging to keep up with her, even though my legs are a bit longer. What a tee-total blessing to be able to motor like that now. I should use this new super power to power walk…

The bangs almost met their doom yesterday. Poking me in the eye – grr! Today I’m wearing a headband. Can I wear a headband for the next six months? We’ll see.

I’m turning into one of those women – the ones who sit in the choir & fan themselves furiously. Whoo-ee! So far it’s just a slow burn that creeps up on me & then recedes. I’m assuming that eventually I’ll start having the sweaty dewy upper lip & such, but for now it’s a dry heat, which is always better, right?

So how are you guys doing today?

*    The title of this post only makes sense if you read my comment on Kim’s blog post. And even then you might have to look sideways & squint to get it.


  1. I have our computer running slow, too. I have no idea why.

    Not being a baseball fan I never have understood why they postpone games. The outfielder can't look up and see the ball? Is that it? If a receiver can see a football in the rain, why can't an outfielder? Maybe they should use dayglo orange baseballs? 'Splain it to me Lucy. :)


  2. Do you de-fragment your computer files on a regular basis? That is one way to keep it speedy. Also, make certain to run your spyware and anti-virus programs often to get rid of problems and those unnessary cookies that slow you down.

  3. So glad you are able to move well these days! Zooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!

  4. Nice cheery post. It seems all that speed walking is having an effect!

  5. OK, I totally had to look up "obstreperous." Please tell me you had to look it up, too. Otherwise, I might feel very inferior.


  6. Congratulations on all that walking. I should follow your good example.

  7. walk, walk, walk! it's the best.

  8. Oh, I used to charge around everywhere. when we still had both house in the city (before daughter and family moved into one of them) and I had to go from studio to house to shop and back, I just about jogged all the time. Now I walk. fast, but I walk.

    my hair has grown out just enough from my last haircut that when the wind blows it in my face, the ends of the strands of hair poke me in the eyeball. I hate that!

    Yeah, I can remember being 'one of those women' with my japanese paper fan I carried around with me all the time.

  9. I spend half my time at work in the hospital looking for computers that have very zippy WYSE drives. The Dells always look abandoned and lonely. With the WYSE, I'm online in seconds. The Dells take 15 minutes just to boot my credentials. I know how you feel when you work with a computer that's fast.

    My bangs went from being a pain in the eyes to being able to tuck them behind my ears in two months. I used fanciful bobby pins to get me through that stage. Headbands give me a headache.

    The rainout WAS ridiculous, and I felt bad for ticket holders who went downtown, paid at least $20 to park, hit the concession stands where they were robbed even more, and sat around forever before they were sent home. When it finally did start to rain after 10PM, it was only a sprinkle. They got to do it all over again last night, but if their wallets were a little worse for the concession pinch, at least they got to see the Tigers get the broom to sweep the Yankees out of Detroit.

    So far, we ARE owning October!

  10. Ha...what Pixel said made me laugh. I sure do know the medical field has a big problem with computers. Scary. I wish you could sell me some of that energy!


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