You know how, when you hear someone talking about the symptoms of a dire illness, suddenly you’ve developed those SAME EXACT SYMPTOMS?

Sick Woman, 1665, by Jan Steen


She Reeks with Joy.
It’s there in that smile
and that indiscreet laugh.
It’s suspicious, and frankly,
we think she should have
Stayed Home.
Because why infect
the Whole Office?
Doesn’t she know
that she’s Highly
Contagious for the
first 48 hours?
I already feel a
tickle in the back
of my throat and
after she leaves
I wash my hands and
swab down my area.
You can never be
Too Careful.

This is a Magpie Tale.


  1. I really don't think this woman is sick. She's all dressed up for the doctor and smiling. I think she's pregnant.

  2. If this were the 19th century, I would think she was anticipating "treatment" for female hysteria...
    Anyway, lovely write, my dear :-)

  3. I'd go with the "treatment for hysteria" as well...she has this expectant smile on her face!

    And if I don't want to get sick, I do what hospitals do. They disinfect everything with alcohol. For my insides, I use a glass of merlot.

  4. i liked this pome - people can become rather anxious when faced with a sick person

    I do agree that she seems remarkably well dressed for someone who is ill - shouldn't she be in her PJs?

  5. 1655? Definitely the plague. Either she has it or she is worried she does. It's not her who is overdressed, either. He is. And I know for a fact that if she wasn't sick before he came, she will be now because back then, doctors never washed their hands between patients.

  6. Cool, very dark in a black widow spider knd of way, thanks

  7. Tickle, tickle ~~ I think she may have worn too much 'Joy' perfume!!

  8. I can soooo relate to this Bug! Love the title!! :-)

  9. OH that was fun!!!!!

    Panera for lunch huh? YUM!!!!!!

  10. A tale well told; entertaining...

  11. I loved it! Talk about same would not believe how student nurses are as they learn about various conditions.

  12. Have I got a story for you. My aunt used to mimic my other aunts illnesses and day the really sick aunt was telling what the doctor had told her....and the not really sick aunt was saying..."yes...I have that too..." when my really sick aunt told us all she was expecting and not a tumor....and the not really sick aunt said..."yes...I have been......WHAT?????" It broke her of always having whatever symptoms we had.

  13. You have an instinct for survival, Bug. Can you believe the nerve of her showing up at work with a possible contagious virus? What's up with that? I love your poem and I think everyone who coughs or sneezes should be forced to read it before they start their commute!! Thank you for sharing this poem, not the flu. LOL

  14. How obnoxious to bring Joy to the office! Back to your cubicles, everyone, nothing to see here.


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