Dream-maker, you old heart breaker...

I’m just back from dinner with my friend Joanne. I brought take-out to her house & after we ate we both worked on our yarn projects – she’s a knitter & I’m still crocheting those $*&^% dishcloths (I jest – I really enjoy making them). Anyway, I’m kind of in a calm & sedated place, lulled by the motion of my crochet hook. But I still wanted to post something tonight because I’ve made it for 18 days & hate to give up this close to the end. So, here you go. It’s a series of photos Dr. M took the other night. I'm going to use his captions.

I need that guy's tooth-whitener...

Man in the moon with ear buds...

Man in the moon with baggy eyes...

Mustachioed Man in the moon...


  1. Why is it that the moon exerts such a hold over us? It must go back to the dawn of time when we first looked up and saw that silvery light.

  2. I always thought the man in the moon was in the ful moon but I so see him there.

  3. The man in the moon,
    He's a fine ole friend,
    As fine as he can be.
    He shines at night
    With his steady light
    On Dana, Mike, and me.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Man in the Moon, Moon River, and you!

  4. I always enjoy Dr. M's moon shots. I'm glad he's a lunar luster. I am, too. I'm always a little envious of Dr. M's moon shots. Mine never turn out so beautiful. Loved his captions. Funny.

  5. Love all the moon shots you all get, and LOVE those Honey Trees!

  6. The Honey Trees - new to me but very enjoyable. Great version of the classic song to go with Dr. M's great shots.

  7. do you think the moon grew a tache for Movember?

    Nice version of a wonderful song

    I never did work out what Audrey Hepburn saw in Hannibal from The A Team though...

  8. I love that version of Moon River! Very nice.

  9. Loved this, + all the Thanksgiving pics preceding.


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