Live Breathe Love

Inspired by this article.

"Even after the networks called the race for President Obama, people in South Florida remained in line."

I think you might
have to say that
(in some places)
we were out in
droves hordes masses
multitudes flocks (!?)

This was no listless
“it doesn’t matter
what I do” affair.

It mattered.
WE mattered.

And in the end
I wore blue today
and you were
maybe seeing red.

And I know it’s
easy for me to say,
but it’s ok – we all
live on the marble,
breathe the same air
and (I have to believe)
love each other.


  1. Very nice poem. I love your conclusion.

  2. Now that is a lovely color on you!

    I am so proud of the voters in Florida for standing on line for hours and hours, refusing to be divested of their voices (no matter how they voted). What in the world is wrong with democracy in Florida?

    I was annoyed by my one hour process here on Tuesday, but when I hear what others endured, I'm grateful it went as smoothly as it did.

    You rock that blue, Dana!

  3. We all live on the marble... Love it! Nice conclusion.

  4. What a great (and very appropriate) poem and post. And yes blue does look good on you (and me too), I just hope it looks good on us all.

  5. So smart to wear blue. Hadn't thought of that! But then again, I never made it out of my pajamas on Weds cuz I was sick. Better now, and, "gasp," I'm wearing what could be considered a shade of red! (shhh, don't tell!).

  6. You are so right about others seeing red. I am so relieved, but I know how they feel. I couldn't breathe in and out for three days after the 2004 election. I wish I could believe that the unhappy half of us wasn't mostly packin'.

  7. Love it! And yes, that blue looks great on you!

  8. I wish!! The Republican voters I'm hearing don't really seem to want to be breathing the same air as the Obama supporters. They feel put upon. Hopefully this will change as the Republicans find some leadership to start speaking more inclusively. They can't win elections on the path they've been on. Or, a new moderate third party will emerge and give them a run for their monies.

  9. I'm so tired of being demonized. Yes, I voted for Romney. I truly believe his policies would have been best for the country. I woke in the middle of the night sick to my stomach, and cried myself back to sleep.

    I truly pray that you and all those who voted for Obama are right in your assessment. I voted for him in 2008, but simply couldn't do it again. I suppose that makes me racist, stupid, obnoxious, insensitive and so on, but that's life.

    I have deep, deep fears about what Obamacare and other policies are going to do to our country. If I'm wrong, you now have carte blanche permission to point, giggle and ridicule! I won't object at all, because I really want what's best for the country.

  10. Shoreacres, I have spent many hours this week talking to students, many of whom were strong Romney supporters. While I very much disagree with Gov. Romney's campaign and voted accordingly, it is obvious that many Americans are deeply concerned about the next four years. And so we talked about fears, about deficits, about fiscal cliffs. We also talked about polling, voter fraud, voter intimidation, and much more. We will continue to do so, because talking, learning to express our opinions and yet also learning to hear what others are really saying, is a step in the right direction. Let us pray that our elected leaders can do that in DC. As for the name-calling, my stance has led others to call me un-American, socialist, fascist, blind, out of touch, and much more. Sigh.


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