Some Blerg* and a Thanks

In a daring feat of agility, I am climbing down off of a couple of high horses. It’s kind of scary, and contrary to my personality, but I’m just going to let go of “right” and move the heck on. Both of these situations involve work issues, and especially there I want Everyone to know that I Was Right. If this quality about myself annoys me, you can imagine how my coworkers feel. So I’m letting go and Making Changes. I will adjust daggonit if it kills me! [Note: It won’t kill me.]

Our 17 year old washer is having “issues.” The agitator isn’t working (I think it transferred its powers to me!). So we’re considering what we’ll do about replacing it. Since this one lasted 17 years I don’t really want to “make do” with something that’s not really what we want. I am kind of excited about getting a front loading one because the washer is in the kitchen & who doesn’t need more counter space in the kitchen? I think we can limp along with our current one (washing small loads) for a bit, so maybe a new washer will be our Christmas present to each other.

I’m feeling more melancholy than usual today. Some of it has to do with the first paragraph up there, because one of the issues I’m letting go felt like a personal slap in the face (I am Letting. It. Go.). Some of it is because Dr. M's uncle is not doing very well and it's worrisome. But I think that mainly it’s because yesterday was All Saints Sunday, and while I got to sing one of my favorite hymns (about queens – I know I’m not right, but it tickles me to feel like I’m acknowledging my liberal gay rights side in church), we also read aloud a list of those who have passed on before us. This year I had put my mom’s name on the list. Sometimes missing her is just so sneaky & fierce.


Here's the thanks: Many thanks to those of you who volunteered to send my niece postcards. It’s for a geography project & she’d really like to get one from every state, so she’s thrilled with the response. If you’re interested & haven’t already contacted me, shoot me an email (address in my profile). Thanks!

  *Definition of Blerg here.


  1. Love learning new words, will have to study the full definitions of blerg closely so that I do it justice.

    Speaking of which, justice is a great word, but much better as a verb, though dramatically underused as such (not in its word form, but action). I babble.

    Sorry about the washer and the uncle, and all other things that weigh. Shiny new things are fun, though!

    Must. Pull. Out. Stack. of. Postcards. NOW!

  2. Seventeen years is a long time for a washing machine. It must have taken a lot of mechanical skill to keep it running that long. I hope a new one does as well. Sorry about these issues troubling you, but you have a firey spirit and I know you'll pull through.

  3. The best thing about an old washer is that it can be fixed. If anything goes wrong with your new one it will cost a motherboard and a fortune to fix it. But they won't tell you that. I'm just sayin'

    When you say blerg, does it presume "god" is a prefix? Or do you have to say that as well?

  4. Oh blerg! Sorry about the work stuff and your washer. There are too many to pick from these days when you go buy one. We got one without an agitator and I really like it...but it is a little too big or too deep for me. I guess I am never totally satisfied....

  5. Sorry about the things bothering you. :(

    On the washer: Like Brenda we got a new one about a year ago without an agitator. It is awesome! And the front loaders....I've heard they have problems with mildew issues and the smells that go with it. They supposedly save a lot of water, but at what price? Good luck.


  6. Sorry about all those troublesome issues. Sometimes it's hard to just let go.

    I have a front loading washer and absolutely love it. They are much, much gentler on clothes.

    You have your washer in the kitchen? How very European of you!

  7. Dr. M may be the professor but I appreciate you teaching me what "blerg" means!

  8. Your washing machine is 17?! That's incredible! You'll probably find when you get a new one that you improve your energy consumption quite a bit.

    As for letting go, well, sometimes we just have to. For our own sanity, fighting the fight isn't worth it. I trust this is one of those situations.

  9. I had a work thing I have been trying to let go, too, but with moderate success. I was right, too, but...everybody has a boss! Blergh! (love the alternate spelling)

    We replaced a washer that was nearly 30 a couple of years ago. Now it sounds like Star Wars in the basement, but I'm thrilled to have a dispenser that actually dispenses. The lack of agitator (although Mister Mister does a good job, heh) is really neat. Clothes don't end up in a wad.

    Sorry about the uncle. We're all getting to be that age.

    Send me your niece's address for the postcard, please.

  10. Believe me, I know how hard it is to let go of something that you feel you were right about or felt abused over.

  11. Oh, Bug! I am a Right Fighter from birth, so I know how you feel about Letting Go. It is something that I struggle with mightily and most terribly. Even though it is something I work on diligently, there are times in my life that I simply cannot let that Last Dog Loose. Steve Reed is right,though. Once you sit down and weigh out the cost to your sanity and serenity, sometimes Letting Go is the ROI that you need. It all might come out your way in another situation. The Universe has a way of maintaining balance. I do honestly believe that. Good Luck.

  12. Is change involved? If so, just tell yourself it'll be OK in the end, because it will.

    Hugs.'s hard to felt in a front loader. If you thought you'd ever want to go there with your fiber, that could be of issue. Just my two cents. On the other hand, we (meaning, I) got a top loader for just that reason, and the only thing I've felted is the tea cozy. It was an unplanned felt job.


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