The Campfire

Charis, Lake Ediza, California, 1937 by Edward Weston

Some secrets wait for campfires.
Eyes focused on flames and
the browning marshmallow,
I tell the tale, disguised
as a ghost story:
“It was a dark
and stormy night,”
is a metaphor for
“I can’t see my way
on this winding path.”
And “there was a
one-armed man,”
means “how can I
help you move
past this pain?”

Later, coming down
from the sugar high,
I lean back in your arms
and contemplate
dying embers.
I can just see my
worry waft away
to the moon.

This is a Magpie Tale.


  1. "I think my commenting should go and evaporate somewhere, not interrupting the tet-a-tet happening here by the fire," she said in an quiet but embarrassed voice, as she tip toed her way quietly back to Toronto. LOL

  2. Nice analysis ... perhaps I should trundle off with Ms. Linda? Leave the two lovebirds along ...

  3. nice...i like the code within this, what the story really means...and that relief that comes being together by the fire in the end...

  4. We so often put the meaning between the lines. Nicely done.

  5. I like the way you ended this.Thanks.

  6. Great conclusion. A powerful emotional statement.

  7. Ever so lovely against the marshmallows!

  8. Secrets wait for the right time to be revealed and then worries lose their potency.

  9. Beautiful! And a brilliant opening line...

  10. Watching dying embers - always an idyllic way to relax...

  11. I want to go camping with you Bug! Love the way you went with this one! :-)

  12. I like how you interpreted the classic ghost story lines and the meaning it has for you, personally. Nice one, Dana!

  13. There's something mesmerising and completely relaxing about watching a campfire. Lovely writing.

  14. such a sweet take on the prompt! It's nice to have those arms waiting when the sugar wears off!

  15. Let the worry waft...
    Very nice.


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