The Capricious Kisser

The Capricious Kisser approaches her prey...

She grasps him firmly...

And lays one on him!

Here, have another for good measure!

Note: Last Friday Dr. M & I hung out with a couple of my first cousins & witnessed this wanton display between their children :)


  1. I love sneaky kisses :)

    Capricious...what a fun word to say :)

  2. Gorgeous! And goodness, women are so forward these days.

    I want to know the title of the book he was reading that sent him to sleep.

  3. Babies and young children are so loving.

  4. Nice one Dana.
    Sadly, never happened to me when I was that age! ;-)

  5. Ha Ha -- the last photo looks like he's squawking about it! Too, too funny.

  6. Better a kiss than a slap...some cousins have been known to do that!

    Very cute!


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