The Day After...

We had a great time yesterday with my dad’s side of the family. The highlight of the day was getting to talk to my nephew Brandon via Skype. He had been “adopted” by a family in Texas (where he’s in Army training) & was getting ready to head to their house for their Thanksgiving meal.

The sisters trying to organize the table

I think they did a good job :)

My cousin Holly always makes this salad every year - yum!

My sister-in-law made these pilgrim hats & acorns - a pinterest idea.

Bren also made these turkeys & tepees. Holly made some too - so cute & tasty!

My aunt Marilyn always makes persimmon pudding - one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving.

Brandon on Skype

We were all so tickled to talk to him!

The whole crew

My aunt Viv asked if I wanted the hat that Mamaw was wearing in this picture. Of course I said yes!

Last night I went to bed swearing to never eat too much again. And I did pretty well until I woke up today.  Ah well, tis the season… 


  1. Glad to see you had such a good time. And WOW....what a feast! :)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bug.

  3. what a great family!...the goodies look amazing!!

  4. Looks like your family has a room they rent? Bob's side of the family really needs that. Love all the food!!! I will never make all the stuff I pin on Pinterest. Good for them for following through. That hat looks like a treasure!

  5. Oh my...that is the best use of peanut butter cups! Now I have to go look on Pinterest.

    Is that a Bojangles box on the dinner table? I haven't seen one since we left South Carolina. :-)

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. salivating at those food pics,`looks great

  7. You're really working that hat! You look like you should be seated in first class on the Orient Express as it heads to Istanbul.

  8. Looks like a great spread! And I love the hat!

  9. Why does persimmon pudding look like brownies?

    I saw Santa!

  10. We have to use a church hall now because there are too many of us for a house! And yes, that is a Bojangles box :)

    Nance - I think it's because of the vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice & ginger - because the fruit itself is kind of orange. Oh it is such yummy goodness!


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