Mysterious Blogger Disappears (or is it A Blogger Mysteriously Disappears?)

Have you missed me? I’d like to say that I’ve been having too much fun to write, but actually…well, I have been having too much fun to write. I’ve been reading books and crocheting and attending Diocesan Pre-Convention meetings and snuggling out in the swing with Dr. M.

All the voices in my head are sitting quietly in the den reading some book or other on their kindles. They keep telling me to hush & leave them alone.  

I am reading
other people’s words
in a font enlarged
for middling eyes.
I flick my finger
and the page turns.
It might seem alien
and unsentimental
but I am just as caught
as if it were paper.



  1. It's the message, NOT the medium. McLuhan was wrong!

  2. Well, I THINK that all the things you HAVE been doing sound fantastic! ENJOY!

  3. I love this... Yep, my Kindle has swept me up in just as entranced as pages may have been...

    But I do love the LARGE FONT on a Kindle :)

  4. I too have been reading, preparing sermons, preparing bible studies. I have missed you my friend.

  5. Definitely, "Mysterious Blogger." Sounds more haunting, which is perfect for this chilly, late-October morning.

  6. I've been doing far too little reading lately. I'd love to get back to it.

  7. Seasons, my friend. Seasons. Sounds like you are enjoying this season of time away, and as the season changes in the weather, you're doing a bit of settling in. It's okay. We will still be here.

  8. You've been a busy girl. I'm glad you were doing things you enjoy. Bella Rum

  9. I've been trying to cut down on the time I waste on-line. Unfortunately that means I have been neglecting people's posts but I still want everyone to read me! And comment! So I'm trying to do a little catch up.


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