Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Night...

So I'm sitting here watching some documentary on the Military History channel about biological warfare. It's all very exciting. And makes an excellent backdrop to my current crochet project (where's that sarcasm font when you need it?). It actually is really interesting, but it's not what this post is about.

As you might remember, I'm participating in the Moogly Afghan Crochet Along. We're onto square two, and after I finished the first one (I'm actually making four separate afghans) I realized that I needed to finally learn how to block my crochet projects. Blocking just means using one of various methods to straighten out the project so it looks neat. I decided to use the wet blocking method (basically soaking the project & then pinning it in place). I had to order some supplies to make it easier & they arrived today so I was really excited to block a couple of squares. Please note: I've been researching how to take better photos of my projects, but I haven't quite sorted that out yet, so these photos aren't all that fabulous.

I ordered these interlocking mats & some pins. I had tried to use straight pins on the carpet (an option that was mentioned) on a past project with not fabulous results.

Here's the first square - looking rather wrinkly.

Halfway through - I wanted it to be 12" x 12" - looks like pinning it was definitely necessary!

All done!

Here's another square put on top for comparison.

Now they're both pinned & just need to dry. I'll take pictures later to show how they turned out.

And now, onto the next one!


  1. It obviously takes a lot of skill to do this.

  2. Those are pretty fancy squares. They look great. Does everyone crochet the same square every month? Week? Wouldn't they sort of block themselves once you got them all completed and stitched together? Been a long time since I did any.

  3. I want to build a fort with blocking mats...

  4. The patterns are awesome! I could never do anything like that in a million years.

  5. Love reading about your projects. I really should buy a needle and some yarn and give it whirl again.

  6. Impressive. Amazing how that extra step can make such a big difference.

  7. Did you intend to do 31 posts for january? That's quite impressive!


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