Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Project 365 – Week Four

This week there were a couple of near misses – we almost didn’t have a picture for a couple of days. And I’ll apologize right now for the ones I’m using for those days because they’re either boring or terrifying. One of the reasons that this week is so light on pictures is because Dr. M did a blog post! You HAVE to go check it out – he took some fabulous bird pictures this week plus some of the silliest squirrel activity in our back yard yet (and that’s saying something!). Here’s the link: CLICK HERE.

Sunday, January 18th

Monday, January 19th  
I took a walk outside & couldn’t resist taking some pictures.

Beautiful sunset…

Tuesday, January 20th      
This is the scary picture I was talking about. My temporary crown came out & I decided to photograph it. I don’t know why. Additionally, I’m not sure why I thought I should make this my Facebook profile picture. But I did. I did do this version in black & white so it wouldn’t be so scary.

Wednesday, January 21st  
The only picture from today – I won the office pool on the size of my boss’s baby (I was one ounce off, & spot on with the length).

Thursday, January 22nd  
Campus deer.

Dr. M made a crockpot southwest chicken recipe tonight – I decided to have a little bit of it with my cheese and sour cream.

Friday, January 23rd   
Dr. M took pictures illustrating how cold it’s been! (Although this week was a lot warmer, there’s still ice everywhere).

Saturday, January 24th      
We drove around and looked at sheep today. Lambs!

Since we moved the computer desk into a separate room I’ve been mostly sitting in a lawn chair when I'm in the living room. It’s actually VERY comfortable, but I decided that perhaps I should start the process of looking for a REAL chair. I went out to a local furniture store to see if they had anything that might meet my chair criteria (made for a short person, not too reclining). Here are the ones that seemed like they might be ok. I can’t decide if I should just pick one or go to a bazillion more places to see other choices. I’m sure I’ll let you guys know whatever I decide to do!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. It's important to have the right chair. I'm long waisted with short legs so it can be a problem.

  2. I love the chair on the bottom left!! but I would need an ottoman to put my feet up!!

  3. Id have the brown chair with the wing arms and high back....its a snugly one...nothing as good as a snuggled chair!

  4. I like the two chairs on the left. If you want my opinion. :)

  5. I particularly like the snow shots and am now wondering how i can get my work to send me chocolate

  6. upper left on the hair and just buy one there. we looked at couches when we moved out to the country (was not bringing the run down old thing we had at the city house). found one we liked but decided to shop around. almost a year later we went back and bought the first one we liked.

  7. I got my boys a very nice and reasonably priced ($80) chair from for Christmas. They have a pretty wide selection of great-looking, different chairs. Try there. Also, if you have a World Market/Cost Plus near you, they have decently priced, nice chairs as well. Worth a look.

  8. I like the chair you chose, and the one right under it, especially with that 50% tag hanging off of it. Very rarely does price not play into my final decision, cause I am cheap!

    Pretty scenes from outside! Next week the groundhog will be looking for his shadow!

  9. Glad you are enjoying your chair!
    Recliners are the best!
    It may slow down your crocheting, though, as you will fall asleep more often. ;-)


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