Friday, January 9, 2015

Recent Google Searches

  • When is Pentecost this year?
  • What is the slip stitch crochet method?
  • When is the Superbowl this year?
  • Does the Beactive Brace work?
  • How do you do the mattress stitch?
  • What is the definition of impromptu?
  • What is vitamin F?
  • Why is Get Fuzzy always a repeat these days?

Boy, I lead such a wild & exciting life – I’d better erase my search history right away! 


  1. I don't know the answer to ANY of your search questions either. Oh, hold your horses! I DO know one of them: How do you do the mattress stitch. Easy peasy. Same as any other stitch only you have to lie on the bed to do it. Boom boom! No? Oh, alright then ;-}

  2. LOL
    With the exception of the definition of impromptu, I can't answer any of those. I read the first one three times before I realized you were not asking, "Where is Pinterest this year?"

  3. I only know the answer to one of your questions. How humbling.

  4. I so relate. I have some pretty crazy ones myself. lol!

  5. Google is always tries to anticipate your question and fills in the rest as you type. Last year, when I was trying to figure out how much I should walk (for my New Year's resolution), I thought about walking the distance of the Appalachian Trail. So I wanted to ask Google how long the Appalachian Trail is. I remember typing in "how long" and there was the rest of the anticipated question: How long does marijuana stay in your system?


    I didn't look to find out.

    And the Appalachian Trail is 2,168 miles long (that's why I didn't pick it).


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