Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Miscellaney

Yep, it's a Monday all right - especially one after a holiday week. I had to get up early & head out into the frozen tundra (well, ok, 10 degree Ohio farmland), and then I had to actually work all day before I got to drive back through the frozen suburbs & naked fields to our little house where I got to eat a bowl of vegetable beef soup made by Dr. M. Hmmm - I guess that's not so bad after all... Plus I got to wear my new hat!

I don't think this big brother stuff is working out so well. I don't understand why, after I've made an online purchase, those exact same items are the ones that show up as ads on Facebook & other ad-driven places. "Why yes, that is a fine looking handbag, and I don't mind admiring the picture of the one I purchased, but I only need the one thanks." Odd. They'd do better to show me pictures of matching shoes!

Did you guys know that it's the Year of the Sheep? Baaa! In honor of that we've put up some of Dr. M's Sheep Incognito prints that I've given him over the years. Here are a couple of them:

Hairy Potter

Haulin' Ass


  1. I completely agree with you about the custom ads. Why show me things similar to what I've already bought? If I bought a teapot and a pet carrier, why keep showing me more teapots and pet carriers? Idiotic and certainly Not Helpful. And going into my Profile or Settings or Buying History and doing a bunch of checking or unchecking of boxes is worky. Not doing That.


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