Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Friends...

I have over 200 unread blogs in my blog reader. 200! I may get caught up sometime next year. Hey - you people who post every day? Stop! For about three days. Thank you.

Today I went to lunch with some friends from college. Although in recent years we've dragged along brought our husbands and children (if applicable), this year we decided to have a girls' lunch out. We didn't stop talking for about two hours - bragging about our kids (well, Jenny & I bragged about our brothers' kids), talking about work, and realizing how long we've been together. We met in college & started the tradition of having a meal around New Year's Day or Christmas back then - 26 years later our first "baby" is graduating from college. Her mom was pregnant with her in my wedding 21 years ago. Wow - I feel old!

One problem with banishing the guys - my arm wasn't quite long enough to get a great picture
I wrote a haiku for each of my friends as part of their Christmas present. They're kind of one-dimensional because I had a "theme" - and also because the haiku form is a bit limited (to a non-professional haikuist like myself - and yes I know that a haiku is more than just 5-7-5, but hush you purists!). Anyway, it was fun to do. Wonder if I'll do it again next year?


Strong willed Jenny P
Creating beautiful fun
My friend forever


Strong minded Sherri
Keeper of our memories
My friend forever


Strong hearted Kim Jane
Comforting the sorrowful
My friend forever

After I got home from lunch Kim called me because she had thought up a haiku for me - she didn't like that I didn't have one. Thanks Kim!

Strong witted Dana
Chronicles life with humor
Our friend forever


  1. Wonderful to have such good friends, and I'm sure they must have loved the haiku for each of them. I think your friend Kim nailed it: the haiku about you is perfect!

  2. Indeed it is. You're a treasure to your friends, near and far.

  3. It's great to have a routine like this to get together with old friends. The haikus were a cool idea!

  4. Sweet! I regret that I have no ongoing tradition with a group of friends--the path of my life just hasn't given shape to that. Makes me sad, but I'm happy for you! Lovely haiku...

  5. Dana speaks softly
    Provides friendship to many
    Even through a blog

    Thank you for sharing your friendship joy, Dana!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Brilliant! Thanks for the photo and the haiku portraits.
    And Happy New Year, when it comes.

  7. I love the poems and the picture. Beautiful.

  8. Great photo. You all look so happy and relaxed together!

  9. HOW.FUN! I've just reconnected with some of the girls who were little sisters in the same fraternity as I, but we haven't actually gotten together. We HAVE to make it happen, even if we all have to fly out to Dallas to see one of them!

  10. I think you got a great picture. You all look so happy and YOUNG!

  11. How lovely to have good friendships going back that far! We keep in touch via e-mail with some friends from college, but rarely get to see any of them.

    Loved the idea of haiku for each one!

    Happy New Year!


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