Sunday, December 4, 2011


Niamh is hosting International Put Your Poem In a Shop Month for the fourth year. The idea is that you write a poem. Put it in a shop. Then take a picture as evidence. Last year I chickened out, but I was determined to participate this year. Titus has already done it. And so has Niamh. I did the deed in the grocery store yesterday.

Those of you with your fancy phones with cameras would be able to do this very easily, but all I have is my point & shoot, so it looks like I'm taking a picture in a store. Very high profile. Now, if I were taking a picture of a shoe so I could show it to someone I wouldn't bat an eye. But taking a picture of my own litter? Alarming! And I have to say that my face was bright red by the time I finished. Man I'm a weenie!

So, without further ado, here is my pictorial evidence.

And for the closeup: 

In case you can't read it (I admit that I scribbled it at the last minute before heading out the door), here is what it says:

Looking for glad
at the grocery store?
Feeling some joy
but wishing for more?

The Christmas aisle
is a good place to start,
but for best results
you'd better look in your heart!

What about you? Do you think you could bring IPYPIASM to your city?


  1. Oh brilliant Dana!! I know exactly what you mean by the camera thing - I have to bring my camera along and the flash seems to illuminate the whole store!
    And a poem with a Christmas message to boot! Well done you!

  2. gorgeous poem Bug!! Very far from litter too! I'm a camera carrier too, and yes, it's tough! lol

  3. There is a Norwegian movie, "Elling", that has as part of its plot, a poem who leaves his work, unsigned, in packages at the grocery store. I found the movie on Netflix and highly recommend it.

  4. I never fail to be amazed at the creativity and inventiveness of bloggers. This is a really interesting verbal adventure.

  5. Impeccable poem, brilliant location! Three cheers for The Bug!
    Oh, that's really made me smile.

    And doesn't the Norweigan film sound interesting?

  6. I love it and I love the poem! You are AWESOME!

  7. LOL at the thought of you taking a picture of your poem. I love the poem and if I saw it at my grocery store I would smile.

  8. Very clever writing!

    I'm Glad you found Joy in the grocery store today. You should take great Pride.

    We must get you a cell phone camera for easier Kinnearing efforts. You could be so much more stealthy with a camera phone.

  9. I SOOOOOOO love this! Love exactly where you put it too! I'm sure it made someone think :)

  10. Neat! I'm hoping to place a poetry-bomb somewhere this year.

  11. Thanks everyone! I admit it was kind of a rush to complete my task without anyone looking at me strangely (that I could see anyway - ha!).

    And yes, the Norwegian film DOES sound interesting!

  12. I like this one! Since Titus encouraged me, I'm trying to visit everyone who stopped by to see my attempt. I'm not a poet, I'm just addicted to words. :)

    Which explains exactly why my cellphone camera shot WASN'T great...I kept waiting for someone to grab me by the shoulder and ask, "And just what do you think you're doing?" :0


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