Thursday, December 1, 2011

In which I am a shameless shill...

Except not really because the definition of shill is: ...a person who helps a person or organization without disclosing that he or she has a close relationship with that person or organization. And I'm totally telling you that I am one proud aunt! 

My niece is in the running for Junior Cheerleader of the Year with The Cheer Leader Magazine and I want YOU to vote for her. You do have to be a Facebook person to vote because you need to become a fan of the magazine on Facebook, go to their photo albums, click on the the Junior Cheerleader album & like Jena's picture. Here is what she looks like:

In case her cuteness doesn't sway you, just check out her video (which she created all by herself. Did I tell you she's 9?):

Did I mention that I'm a proud aunt? So, go vote! 


  1. Go Jena! I'm exhausted watching her, and agog at her talent.

    Bug, I'm sorry, but I don't facebook. Very best of luck to her, though with gymnastic skills like that, I don't think she'll need too much. I imagine it's a very competitive field, though?

  2. That's one athletic young lady! Best of luck to her!

  3. Fantastic young lady!

    Just F A N T A S T I C!

    Is it any wonder you're so proud of her.

    Reflected glory for you Dana!

  4. Holy moly! I can't even imagine being able to do that! She's a cutie fer sure.

  5. She's adorable and talented! Hope she wins.

  6. almost wish i was still on facebook to help you out...she looks cute...

  7. She looks like she should be in the Olympic s. I am on face book but wouldn't know how to find her page. Sorry I would vote if I could though.


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